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Pejam celik pejam celik, click clack click clack, tik tok tik tok, pandang kiri pandang kanan, tengok atas tengok bawah, go here go there, do this do that - sedar tak sedar katanye, daaahhh masuk April 1st, tahun 2008 (AND NO, am NOT gonna touch on "April's Fool Day" katanya - well, maybe not in this entry! LOL!)

Isn't it amazing, as you go through your days with your chores, daily activities and not to forget, your work loads and all, sometimes (if not most of the times) we tend to leka, erm, what's that word, failing to realize that, time actually does bergerak pantas and without you knowing it, March 2008 shall never occur/ come again; but instead, March 2008 (ataupun bulan2 hat lain2 tu la kan) will now be PART of you, as your PAST TENSE la kaedahnye - ops!

And lookin' at today, April 1st, 2008 - Akak rase cam only yesterday jerr Akak did the entry: Flashback; down the memory lane...: "On this day..." (LINK), kans? Rupe2nye, dosi sebulan berlalu, and berlalulah juger sudah 35 entries/ blog postings sepanjang bulan March 2008 (including BACKDATED ENTRIES) - which means yang Akak dah berjaya mencapai hasrat bulan March 2008, iaitu to have at least 1 entry posted a day; and with 35 entries, need I say more lah?

Dan before Akak go on dengan my goals for April (motif serupa macam nak buat monthly goals, hopes, and dreams and objectives that needs to be accomplished by end of the month!?!?! Hummm... although, that's not a bad idea, yes? LOL!), Akak nak alter sikit pasal entry 1st March 2008 bagi tujuan entry 1st April, 2008. No no, bukan nak ubah content and what not - of course not. Its just the concept of this entry; instead of doin' on this day bagai and so on selama 3 tahun lepas and all, apakata entry ala ala concept "Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah" iniew ditukarkan... from...

Initially, it was...

Flashback; down the memory lane...: "On this day..."

Now, Akak would like to change it to...

Monthly flashback - down the memory lane: "APRIL"

Better, kan??? :)
And so, right after the jump (the jump = the "... Click here to read more on this entry!" expanding-the-entry-post link), you'll get to view a list of entries posted all in the month of April; from 2005 right up to 2007... postings from my Blogdrive "Archive-content blog", right to my photos uploaded at my Fotopages! And so, this shall be made monthly - senang citer nak selongkar archive Akak, right?

Hmmm... *TETIBER AM HAVING SOME SERIOUS SECOND THOUGHTS - sat sat, chup2 seminit!*

Errr... Did Akak just kompangkan kat u ols semua, "ALL ENTRIES FOR THE ENTIRE MONTH?" Hmmm... Dakkk kooot... Maybe not ALL la kot - takut banyak sangat pulak dah kan? Mati la Akak nak listingkan SEMUA entries per month, kan? DULU kan Akak gile2 buat entry 3 4 5 6 entry-updates PER DAY - mampos la Akak, kan!?

So if NOT ALL entry links/ full month archive di postingkan dalam entry iniew, mrasalah the ones yang 'hot2' or 'exciting' or 'best2' jer Akak letak - the rest, sila selongkar sendiri! OPS!!! Akak might just postkan, erm, random 5 entries, PER each year, can? Can la ehhh... dari 1 entry per month for each year? Nanti kalau Akak get better idea how to betul-great-kan entry memory lane nih, nanti Akak ubah lain la - who knows, MAY pulak ke? OPS!

Displaying 5 entries/ postings from the archive listing for the month of APRIL, starting from 2005 to 2007 (NOTE: all selected 5 entries/ postings are selected in random)

Monthly flashback - down the memory lane: "APRIL" - Blog posts/ entries @ blogdrive or @ blogger/ blogspot @ myspace blogs

APRIL 2007:
APRIL 2006:
APRIL 2005:
And what's next after blog postings/ entries? Yes, clever! Postings/ photos uploaded di Fotopages Akak... ;) Mrasa... (NOTE: For Fotopages, Akak just display 3 selected postings per each year for that particular month; nan ado Akak nak buat randomly-picked 5 postings segala bagai yer... harap memakliumi! Hiks! - Mati la pemalas!)

Monthly flashback - down the memory lane: "APRIL" - Entries posted/ photos uploaded @ Fotopages

APRIL 2007:
APRIL 2006:
APRIL 2005:
Mrasalah!!! Happy reading/ viewing/ scanning through/ browsing/ selongkar-ring... hiks!...

And yes... Akak ALMOST terliuper sudah - apakah goals/ targets Akak utk April dan yang perlu Akak kecapi-capai bagai before or by end of this month? Maka Akak pun mereply-lah... sebegini... *sambil siap2 ikat tali kasut sedia 'mode' nak lari...
Ermmm... ENTAH? Ape eh yang Akak nak achieve this month? Daily postings, sekurang2nye 1 entry - Akak rase tak jadi masalah. Erm... nak banyakkan topic2 entry yang hangat dan membentangkan soal hal ehwal keadaan semasa? Hmmm... itu dinch la perlu nak bergoal setting bagai, kan? Hmmm habis tu, apo ek? Ermmm... camni... Nanti kalau ade terlintas dalam hotak Akak, Akak habaq kat hampa, nah?
Hehehe hahaha hohoho MERRY X'MAS! LOL! Gile lah! Daaa...

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