Links Links Links - updated regularly. Also includes links to blogs and/ or websites to famous people. Links to other sites on the web; most of these links are from my 'Bookmarks' folder. Hope you'll find it cool too!

Here I have links separated into two types; and the 1st one would be the websites, blogs, fotopages, myspaces and etc. for celebrities, artiste managers, fashion designers, media personnel, and others. Simply select and click "Go!" from the list in this drop down menu.

And I also have here, links of pages/ sites on the web, categorized as, OTHER LINKS; technically it is spelled OTHER LINKS, but practically, it's similar to if I say GENERAL LINKS, right? And similarly, simply select and click "Go!" from the list of OTHER LINKS in this drop down menu.

Want your site to be listed, or add in your favorite famous person's website and/ or blogs in the list? Or do you have any cool and interesting sites that you want me and the rest of the readers to go to and read and share stuffs and all? Well, you know what to do by now - email me ( the details and will get the link updated soon; honestly, soon. Hiks!

**Link(s) submitted will be arranged and included accordingly in its category. Please allow some time for links to be updated and linked from this blog. And please feel free to link me from yours - but just let me know before you do... Thanks!

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