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And so from the "The Recommended" HTML/script widget @ section, we continue in this entry - go figure, the section space was a bit too... well...

Now, a recap from what has been said/ informed in the "The Page Requirements" HTML/script widget @ section:
To enhance the surfing pleasure, this blog is best viewed with:
  • A minimum screen resolution/ display of 1024 x 768 pixel

  • Allow pop-up windows from this blog; please enable JavaScript and Java

  • Latest Adobe flash player installed; click on hyperlink to start download

  • Up to date version of Mozilla Firefox; preferred web browser with Google Toolbar installed

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6 and above; blog may not be loaded properly and could contain errors with version 5
And so, there's still more kah??? Hurmmm...

And so now, we continue with the viewing requirements (please note that it is not compulsory nor a must to follow and fulfill all in the requirement-list. This list serves as a guideline for those seeking to view this blog without any errors and etc... nah?):
That's all for now I guess - As usual the list shall be updated when needed... :)

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