I can describe myself as a person who likes to take any opportunity given as a platform for me to reach my goals and dreams in life. I see myself as a compassionate person who sees great futures in the eyes of the children, who are the solid foundation of our every nation. And I also believe that I'm a caring person, who tries to look outside of my own needs. And lastly, I dare to say that I prefer people to see me as a smart person, rather than seeing me as a beautiful person; because to me, beauty is something that comes from within, and if you're smart enough to know that you have what it takes, you have that self-confidence in you, by all means you are already beautiful... All in all I'd say, I'm just, ME! LOL!

A very good friend of mine once described me as follows;
Lea is a very ambitious type of person - she's temperamental, adorable, talented, witty, melodramatic, passionate and dare to die kindda girl. During our school years together, she loved to be in the limelight - loved to join a lot of activities such as debates, theaters and dramas (hmmm that explains her melodramatic attribute - such a drama queen she was - and still is!), loves music and performing. She's willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish her goals and dreams. Whatever she wants, she's gonna make sure that she gets 'em!"

She like Gusti Putri Retno Dumillah, the Princess of Mount Ledang; she lives on her dreams. Only she herself can figure out what she wants and how she should get 'em. That's why a lot of people tend to misinterpreted her... throwing a lot of rumors and sticking a lot of labels on her. No matter what Lea, even though we hate to admit this, but me and the rest of us, your friends, we are actually proud of you for being able to achieve what you wanted for, since your teenage years! You've got your own brand here in KL! Kudos!" - CD
That's enough for now, yes? Lets move on to the next chapter - Blogging History... (Mine, that is... LOL!)
  • History of author's blogging scene
Technically, it all started with me writing sort of like a personal online diary in Myspace (not so personal I guess...) somewhere late 2004; and by the time 2005 arrived, I was already moving ahead to my 1st blog at Blogger. It was during that few months that I learned quite a lot of things about blogging, up till the fact that I was fascinated with Blogdrive's free tagboard; which apparently became the reason for my next migration from
Blogger to my Blogdrive account on April 1st, 2005, just after a couple of months in Blogger. And then, my blogging life started moving forward, going on and on. And after 2 years plus, with more than 1000++ entries, I came back here, to where I belong (yeah right...); Blogger. People tend to say that I move around a lot. To me, I look at it as a positive thing. Like what life has to offer for a nomad person, experience; moving around from one blog server/ provider to another, gave me opportunity to learn more new things, daily as I go along with my life. And so, I have no regrets turning my Blogdrive into an archive-blog, and making this blogspot of mine, my current blog... I'm happy, and very much satisfied with my decision...
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