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Entries from my previous blogs are still there, at its original blog-URLs. But nevertheless, these three blogs namely at Myspace, Blogspot and the most recent Blogdrive will no longer act as an active blog; instead all three will surf under the same purpose, which is to be an Archive-Content Blog.

Comparing all three blogs, Blogdrive holds the most entries, having a total of 1,072 entries now turned into archive-content blog and here are the links to the entries according to categories. All entries (including those not categorized) were posted in my previous (3rd) blog i.e. Blogdrive; - April 1st, 2004 to November 26th, 2007:

You can find the rest of my other entries (entries which were not listed as categorized entries) posted at my now called 'previous blog' using the same Blogdrive URL.

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