Work the runway honey - and the crown is yours!

If you could recall (was it yesterday or the day before) I made an entry about working to get what you want - ie. winning a pageant? And I touched literally about preps for pageants as well as talking about the 1st segment, the national costume competition - Link to entry

And so today, we shall be going into details when it comes to the favorite part of any beauty pageants/ competitons;

The most anticipated part of any beauty pageant would be when all the girls would come out with 1001 different types of gowns, dresses and etc, of 1001 different sorts of materials, colors, designed by different sorts of personalities, designers and all; it's the part of the competition that would bring out the colors, live and excitement to everyone, not just the audience, but also to the girls competing with their dresses on, and of course, 3 to 4 inches heels - THE EVENING GOWN COMPETITION

Again, I shall not be touching about how u lots will go about choosing your gowns, who will design 'em, and etc. That ain't what's MOST important, ok? Of course it's important, ade mek cakap it's NOT important? I said it is not THE MOST IMPORTANT thing you must be worrying about.

You could have Versace or even Roberto Cavalli workin' their butts out for your evening gown/ dress, using fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon - you name 'em; added with rhinestone and ostrich feathers here, there and everywhere, covering only the essential parts of your body, making you the most sexiest contestant for the night - but as long as you keep walking like a retarded sh*t-head overdoing it with a 4 inch strapless high heel shoes, as long as you keep on doing that damn "I'm only 19 years old but I already have osteoporosis, isn't it wonderful?" pose each time you before you twirl like an F rated (that's F for F*$@ and not for grade F, mind you...) ice skater, AND most importantly, if you keep on doing that silly "... The smell of your fart is apparently nicer compared to mine, errr... I think... *blur*" smiley plastic non-ado confidence face, they, honey, you can kiss your damn dress goodbye!

So what exactly are the most important things one needs to know when it comes to evening gown competition? Well, as mention in the quote above this paragraph, the 3 most important aspects you need to learn, know it by heart later on, and practice to perfection would be:
  • The style, the grace, the traditional added with modern 'Beauty Queen' catwalk - if the background music is a bit too slow, don't do the "Choo!!! Choo!!! Chakalaka chakalaka woo!!! woo!!!" walk, ok? It will only bore us audience to death; and when it comes to a fast beat number for this love evening gown competition, NO, we do not expect you to go like walking with 'Happy Feet'! Walk as graceful as you can, despite whatever song as the background music. Owh and one more thing, when the organizers says something like, "Take your time, don't rush..." THAT DOES NOT MEAN you get to catwalk and parade your silly walk for like 5 to 10 minutes.

  • The pose that strikes - please avoid unnecessary poses that involves waving! For goodness sake you're not into the top 10 or finals just yet. When you pose, do slight gestures to acknowledge the judges (especially) and the audience that you appreciate their support (EVEN IF there's no one in the ballroom actually cheering for you... ops!)

  • The immaculate sincere having 'The Time Of Your Life" smile with natural facial expressions - this one I have to stress out the most. People (be it audience or judges especially) they like to see a natural contestant, apatah lagi kalau nak menangkan that particular contestant; the ideal person yang selalunya wins the pageant would be of those yang tidak overdoing things, especially when it comes to facial expressions, gestures and above all, that smile. Someone yang tampil relaxed with all natural movements, as though she's enjoying the night's competition be it either if she wins or not, but for that moment of the competition, the limelight/ spotlight is on her, she's on her best foot forward, wearing a killer dress, ENJOYING the night, naturally such smile and gestures would then appear and the sparks from that natural smile is even shinier than rhinestones on Roberto Cavalli's dresses, ops!

All in all - one who has all the above said pointers, will naturally show the glow on her face and somehow or rather, it will show that one is in the comfort zone; she is totally comfortable with what she's wearing. And somehow I believe, that's also very important. Say if you don't glow with that glow, with that shine, naturally stating that you're enjoying your moment, walking like a true queen, posing that pose - no pose is hotter than that one, no reactions to whatever and whoever, and just plain dull - then, like I said, you gown is worthless; topped with insecurity move. But on the other hand, should one has all the 3 pointers, and having those pointers, she still fails to walk with a very confident, shoulder's back kindda walk thingy, given her a bad hair-do and the worst evening dress even in any pageant history, I guess she'll survive. Why? Just look at Oxana Federova; she had it all; all the 3 points up there - but she failed to show that she's comfy with her white-berkemban ikat with reben ugly dress, but then, since she's got all those 3 points, PLUS with that lovely face - hahaha, mrasalah anything goes, right?

Ai say mennn... all talk, no videos, no good la aih? Well, after series of selecting, I've finally decided to put yet another 2 videos from (NO, not from MY personal videos - cet!) only this time the 2 videos are from 2 different pageants; well, actually, both were taken during the evening gown competition (semifinals) at the Miss Universe Pageant; only 1 was in Las Vegas, Miss Universe 1996 and the other 1 is Miss Universe 2002 live from Puerto Rico. Now, as you view these videos take note of my "NOTES:" just below the videobox :)

Miss Universe 1996 Evening Gown competition (Semifinals)

NOTES: A definite NO NO was India (sadly...), Russia, El Salvador, Peru. The "Quite OK lorrr" groupie would be almost the rest; EXCEPT for these 2 "BEST OF THE BEST" semifinalists - Miss Mexico, Miss Venezuela. Even USA had that "Owh I'm worried, what if I... owh sh*t!" Hiks! See what I mean? The FACE, the face must show confidence, EVEN when you're not. (PS: I've always wanted to do a dress similar to Miss Venezuela's dress; Engy? Alamode? ADDINCH! hiks!)

Miss Universe 1996 Evening Gown competition (Semifinals)

NOTES: China was a tall, stiffy one. South Africa was the most kekwat one. The ones who brought colors and life to their dresses: Albania, Russia (although I must say I hate that dress... hiks), India (sad 'coz it looked as though India was copy-cating Halle Berry's dress), Panama (love the rambu ramba renda and all...) Venezuela's dress was ok but somehow the more I see it the more I hate it. A completely "NO thank you" would be Cyprus, China (again), Germany (EW!!!) - was surprised most of them were wearing white/ off white/ cream colored dress, except for Albania and India. And this clip shows a good example of doing your own sweet style to an upbeat number... well, almost an upbeat number. Browse la at Youtube tu and do your homework!!! :)

I think I've done enuff babbling yadey yadey yadey for today... I guess! Hiks! Laters...

PS: I almost forgot - buat Disclaimer ler. Dengan ini, and taking into considerations entry² yang related to this entry which doesn't have Disclaimers just yet, let me point out that whatever I've said as part of tips or pointers are actually based on my personal experience competing in more than 20 pageants (to be exact 26) between the years of 2001 to 2006. So excuse you, mind me, though it is a new blog, I still go about with "I write, you read... "; only this time, it's somewhat a bit different - "I write, you shut-the-f*$#-up and read... " Hmmm... thank God I will soon have my successor! Ops! Hiks!

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Lee Novotny said...  
A crown like this??? Reminds me of Bloggers Idol masa mak menang tu dululah uols... memang the road to
glory ain't easy! :)

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