The road to... can be very...

The road to success in life can be a curvy and bumpy one... The road to true love can be guarded with many dangers... The road to...

Becoming a beauty queen!? A straight easy-access road to victory, fame and fortune!?!?!?! Aiyoh - dream on! It has never been easy, and never will. It's full of tough choices and decisions.

But on the other hand, the road back to go see people working their arses and all to be a beauty queen, well, what can I say, it's going to be a hell-luv-a-ride!!! Kan C.A. kan kan kan? Hiks!

Me will be away but will be updating from time to time, worry not. It's going to be like the ol' days, or should I say, it'll be somewhat somewhere like the journey of...

To Wong Foo:
"Thanks For Everything",
Julie Newmar

Yesza? Hiks. But the again, having to deal with this, I have a strong feeling it's going to be one LONG ride back to KL... *sigh*

I sms-ed the ol' drag and said,
"Gal, mak still demam lar... :( How lar?"

You KNOW what that old wicked witch replied?
"Don't worry. By this evening when mek carut ko dalam kete, you'll feel better... much much better..." - Ginger

Sial tak!? Mati la C.A. nak kena dgr mek dan Ginger bertekak caruts dan getiks2 dalam kerets all the way back to KL! Hahaha...

See ya peeps! And Happy Birthday!!! *E eh? Tetiber jer... hiks!

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
Aiyoo mak tak sangak LKY panggil GoDDeSS mak old wicked witch!!! How? Setahu mak, pondan setua tahap FOSSIL hanyala ponen buruk berkaki lanky iaitu KELDAI wakakakaka. Betul tak SR? La la la la la laaaarrrriiiiii. Well I hope you'll get the best fun during the crowning handover on Saturday!!!
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Tu mujur mek carutsnye wicked old witch... kalau mak panggei dia the old faggot trampy trash, ko tak rasa dia akan bunoh mak!? hahahahahaha

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