Work what you want; you'll earn what you want...

This is nothing more than just another entry of sharing some thoughts and experiences for those who wishes to polish more on their erm, hmmm... skills? No, erm, their erm, hmmm... lets just say its one of those entries from a beauty queen (former and ex-beauty queen) to future beauty queens... :)

Yes, what you want you will definitely have to earn it. Nothing comes easy these days and surely nothing comes in for free either. The road to become a beautiful enchanting beauty queen is never cheap! Yes, its expensive! LOL! But am not here to talk about budgets and all (prolly not, just yet! Hiks!) What am about to touch in these series of entries would be some what about erm, owh well... you'll see...

Before I go on, for those (yang interested lar...) who have not gone through my previous, previousss entries from my previoussssss blogs about beauty pageant tips and stuffs YET, feel free to browse thru and read one (or all) of the following related links:

Now, getting on to today's entry... today mek nak touch on, the first part of beauty pageants, introduction round. And normally, for introduction round, we have either in casual wear, or, we would have the contestants parading in their national costumes of the countries that they are representing, and the bla bla bla. Not gonna go into details about what country to pick/ represent, or what to wear for national costumes, and etc. Itu tertakluk kepada pilihan peribadi. What I really want to go into details would be other things aside from the ones I said I won't be talking about.

This part of the competition, is very, very important. It's EVERYTHING! I mean, wouldn't you agree, that this will be the part where everyone including the judges would have their first sight on you? So first impression, is very crucial. And for that, the way you present yourself, not just in your opening lines, but also the way you, yes, catwalk and bring yourself up before you head on to the mic to deliver your introduction speech is ultimately important. Take note of the following quote (taken from Miss Debby Reynolds's script in "Connie and Carla") for you to improve the way your catwalk. And always remember using this quote, and with that you won't go wrong...

Heads up... boobs' up... it's showtime!

Technically, what I personally think about that quote would be to always have your head looking straight up (with the occasional looking down to the floor, just to mind your steps), and walk straight (with grace, and style that is) ahead, do not slouch, and that should make a good first impression that you know what you're doing, and of course, hit them (the judges and the crowds) with your best smile; show how ready you are to meet them...

And then, as you go up front for your opening/ introduction speech, PLEASE, follow the following guidelines:

  • TOLONG cakap biar jelas. It doesn't matter if you have big husky suara jantan and kasar; hey, look me?! Hiks!

  • Tempo pertuturan anda, biarlah dalam kadar sederhana; not too choo-choo-f%#@ing-slow, feeling² nak maintain woman and all, AND, not too... erm, hmmm... like, traveling in the speed of light? Just make sure you get people to hear what you are trying to say.

  • Soal faham ke tidak, itu tak penting. Well, if you speak Bahasa or English, well, you then HAVE to la kan make people understand. Not unless you kelentong like some people feeling² skeaping Spanish walhal it was just part of Michiko Latino punye lirik, then, hehehe (OPS!) make sure you deliver 'em well and make people believe in what you say tu la kan, tu jer... :) (Hmmm motif mak tetiber terase pedas kat sini? Hiks!)

  • Kan? Hmmm... anything else? Hmmm... that's it I guess. I will end this session for today with the following clips taken from youtube. Watch, and learn! Itu jer I want to say; just watch 'em, and learn - it would do you good. And this is what you call, HOMEWORK!

    Miss Universe 1996 Parade Of Nations (Introduction Round) - Part 1

    Miss Universe 1996 Parade Of Nations (Introduction Round) - Part 2

    Next up - Evening wear round; the dos and don'ts and etc. More videos (from my favorite selections) coming up you way soon...

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    7thheaven said...  
    I love blogs of this nature. Not exactly about the crown tho, i mean you are blogger who knows what you are talking about.

    Well, coming from a beauty queen herself, im sure this blog would serve as guidelines and tips for future queens.

    Keep on writing lea. I'll definitely come visit. Bookmark suda.

    Best Regards.
    Nurlea Laurielle said...  
    Awwww geee thanks hun! Sweet of you to drop by. Come back more often nah. After I let go my title, I'll get gila² balik. Now, all about beauty pageants sajork... ;)

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