Knowing it is right but feeling it is NOT right

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Basically, it's simply= nothin' catchy; just somethin' prolly general from me for not only you but us to ponder about...

Imagine yourself about to do/ or about to decide somethin' very important - and finally, there you have it; you've done it, you've decided about it, it's over and done with. If that's the case, then you're cleared.

But (yes, in this short-but-a-bit-catchy-long-winded-too chapter we've got the 'but' case... ) what if, just by chance, WHAT IF somewhere during that time, just somewhere there, right before you do/ decide somethin', seconds away, when you already know for a fact, for sure, that what you're about to do/ decide (or probably even just thinking about it) IS by far, and WILL be the best action/ decision for maybe you, your family, work organization, or prolly during your decision-making time...


...for some strange, no apparent reason, you suddenly FEEL that IT IS NOT by far going to be/ will be the best thing to do/ decide (or even think about) in the first place; get wot-i-mean?

Confused? Yes; exactly my point. You know it is right but you feel it is not right - why does this happen?

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Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  
delicate sungguh.

nanti i balik umah i komen, or maybe talk about it esok... dui!
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Mano? Eh wait; u asked me about the latest post kat Engy's, kan? Hahahah

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