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So sad
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In view of the current situation I am in now, I guess I have only just a few things/ words to say to a few people. And with this, not that I hope it would undo my wrongful doings and make things better and such, but I just want to, actually, I hope that it will make a few people realize that I'm only human, and as a weak one I make mistakes and at least I'm trying to make things right. And above all, I do have feelings...

I'm sorry if I've made a few wrong turns in my life that affects others who shall remain anonymous. These anonymous people are dear good friends of mine - and I just want them to know that in a million years never have I ever would want to hurt their feelings. But I guess what I've been trying not to do to these lots, well, it all came right back at me. Now I'm the one that's left hurt and crushed. But that's ok. I guess that's the way life goes... you can't have what you always want in life the way you want it to be...

I'm sorry if what I did or didn't do got you people all upset and all. I'm sorry that I am too sensitive, regardless whether it concerns my feelings or the feelings of those surrounding me, yeah, I'm sorry for trying to be nice... I admit, I don't really know how to be all bitchy and mean as to put people down to shame and think that they're just worthless piece of junk. Even, just even - even if I am capable to do so, I guess, being me, or as a matter of fact, being human, I don't think I would go through with it; if it's my best friend that I'm trying to bitch and put down to shame and think that she's just another worthless, stupid, airhead. I mean, common', like, sure, she maybe have done something wrong or so, but to bitch to the world and let the world knows it all when it all matters just between me and her, I think I would just deal it with her, instead of, ... eh, wait. I'm beginning to deviate from my point! Sorry... But just to finish off the scenario; I guess I seriously don't think I would go on doing things to hurt my friend even though she might have just gone a little bit too far, simply because, I guess, I know she has a heart and it can be broken by a good friend too. So nah, I wouldn't do it. Would you?

Anyways, back to the entry - I just want to say that I'm really really sorry and hope that these people would stop bitching about me just to make their lives better. It hurts, truly does. And so, congratulations! You guys did it again; you've manage to make me break into tears till I fall asleep and waking up feeling miserable, as though my life is not one piece of s*it already.

And lastly...

I'm sorry I'm not good enough to be your friend...

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Ginger De La Loca said...  
in the spirit of apologizing, let me say sorry as well. so here goes:

i'm sorry ur so full of yourself, u cant see past that

i'm sorry u cry when people say nasty things about u, but never stop to think what u did to deserve it

i'm sorry u care more about you and that mitigates the importance of everything else in the world

i'm sorry the world revolves around u and nothing else

i'm sorry u dont have the capacity to even look at things which doesnt involve u & yet see its importance

i'm sorry ur life is a shit thanks to your biggest idol - YOU!

i'm sorry u never cared how people feel as long as they can serve u.

and whey they dont, i'm sorry u wonder why ur life is such a mess.

i'm just sorry, u know...

and yes, ur right.
u cant have what u always want in life.
not with me.
LeeZ said...  
*matila potong kek katanya... hikss!!!
fiebie said...  
Sometimes, bila orang terlalu marah, mereka bertindak di luar jangkaan girl.

sabar lah.
Jati said...  
Sometimes we forget completely what companionship is. Longing and hateful become more poignant if in your heart, you can’t tell whether your friend is going away or coming back.

I sense a great sincerity in you and I hope your KB pun.

p/s: dah lama Jati tak "baca" Lea yang dulu. rupanya masih ado lagi...btw please take care.

(*Jati yang garang)...pi makan lah pleaaseeee, nanti tak dak energy dan tambah sakit siapa yang susah? kita2 nih juga...
Lee Novotny said...  
Mak pun tak tahu nak kata apa apa, yang fenting sekarang...berbaik baiklah semula kan...potong kek pun..boleh buat kek baru kan..sponge cake, carrot cake...ehh..melalut pulak..

May frien dship never ends... *HUGS*
* naik stage dan trus slang ala-ala Harry Porter*

Girl..What is maturity ?

-Maturity is the willingness to accept criticism constructively.

-Maturity is the ability to make a decision, stand by it and not feeling DIVA forever.( Kindly refer to the difference of Noor Kumalasari's piety in the year of 70's and current)

Maturity is the ability to control ourselves and settle differences
without saying "I'm sorry" all the time...

Maturity is patience. The mature person does not envy at other's success and manipulating stories to show that she is always the best!

Maturity is based on the Epistemology, its level by not giving any SAD CARD like A Psychotic Epileptic Disorder patient..

Thank you.

fiebie said...  
"Maturity is based on the Epistemology, its level by not giving any SAD CARD like A Psychotic Epileptic Disorder patient.."

sempat jugak ko smash mak kan. over tau.

sib baik mak tak faham apa tu epistemology.

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