Don't simply say "I am in love with you darling"

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Well... it's true you know. Sometimes people don't really mean what they're actually sayin', kan? And that's when we, you, us, me, will eventually get hurt. So be extra careful with what you say, and be VERY VERY careful when you hear these words...

What's worse, kadang2 when people say "I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU DARLING", sometimes, they don't mean it, you get me? Like they're claiming sayin' those words tu came from the bottom of their heart; tapi actually (kejap, let me 'harrrt-tuihhh'kan that 'bottom of my heart' first! - Haaarrrttt-tttuiiihhhh!!!), they're actually sayin' it to your half-retarded face just to make you feel better. Kadang2 tu yang lebih teruk... "I THINK I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU DARLING...". Udah ler "I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU DARLING" tu dah teruk all by itself, ada berani pulak dah sayin' "I THINK I'M IN IN LOVE WITH YOU DARLING...". You THINK!? Meanin', tak sure lah? Gawd! 'DARLING'? Groooool!!!

Sebenarnye, don't let these words, sentences, ESPECIALLY the two sentences I've mentioned in the earlier paragraph get into your head cepat sangat yer! Because they actually wanted to say somethin' else to your sad, pathetic and half-retarded face! Ala2 like, "Disebalik kata2 indah itu, tersemat makna yang keji!"

I have my point occay, excuse me! It's not one of those 'pointless' entry ok! This time I've got my point! So don't you dare, simply sayin' that you love me, 'darling' and what not, because, you're LYING! ESPECIALLY when you try to prove you're not lying!
".... Of course I am in love you darling. I do not just think I'm in love with you, I KNOW I'M I LOVE WITH YOU DARLING!!! Whatever gave you the idea that I don't? What's more hideous, you're sayin' I'm LYING when I said I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU DARLING? What made you even have the slightest idea that I'm lying to your face and just simply claiming that I don't mean what I said to you?" - owh cut the crap will you, hunky boy!!!

Because for each time you try to convince the sincerity especially in sentences like "OF COURSE I'M REALLY IN LOVE WITH YOU" tu, and toppin' up with the initial two sentences tu, I claimed all you of it were L-L-L-L-L-Lies, simply because...

"I AM in Love with You darlING"

"I THINK I'M in Love with You darlING"

"OF COURSE I AM in Love with You darlING"

SEE my point!?!?!?!?!?!? Owh and erm...

"I KNOW I'M in Love with You darlING"

... Hahahaha! I KNOW you know now I know you're LYING! Hey, wouldn't that make a good movie title? Move along "I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER"! Hiks!

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abah said...  


hahahahahaha hayooo terpikir kejab lepas baca entry uolss
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
abah: KAN u ols? Hahahaha
Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  
isk isk...

kalau lying as in BARING?

I nak BARING kan you? dan DOT DORT DORT????
Sanjay said...  
I am sand my first comment I like this all vagetable.

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