Love; very complicated...

Still in love? I think so ; )
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Ithink I've sort of like gone through this entry one too many times; but you see, the facisinating world of 'Love' has no boundaries, thus it has no endin' to what one may have to say/ write - kan? :)

Anyways, what is love to you? How would you see it; how would you define it? Would your definition, and your perspective on love be the same as mine? I don't think so; 'Biar rambut sama hitam, hati tetap berlainan...' and that is what I feel about love.

Love is by far, well-known to be subjective. Why? Because love is different to every person, and every person shows it differently. Different people would have different experiences dealing with love - some people "love" a cute bird on a branch or a cute kitty cat by a window. Other people only feel ready to say they "love" someone that they are ready to propose to - everyone else is just "seriously like". Some people are clingy and slobbery, while others are quiet and laid back.

Chinese letterin' for 'Love'...

How can you know if that someone really loves you, or simply loves to make you like him/ her?... Hmmm...

The easiest way to know if someone loves you is to sit down and talk with the person, and really find out how they feel. Maybe what they call "like" is really what you call "love" and it's just a matter of what you name it.

Most people would say love when the person is ready to make a commitment to you and to have you be an important part of his or her life. Right or not?

But if you have been followin' this entry; wouldn't you agree that love is often SAID than FELT, often kita dengari dari merasai... Right? Well, I guess, love is indeed, a very complicated subject, though may seemed to be somewhat 'remeh' - but when you put some thoughts to it, its not about the feeling of love, the experiencing of romance and what not, BUT; the WORD itself, mampu mengundang padah, things that we don't expect to happen might just happen...

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