March 2008; the month of 'Men'

Man at work
Originally uploaded by neloqua
Man makes his money and they call him rich

Man tries to keep things but they're taken away

Man has to sweat and toil his life filled with trouble

Man has to work so hard to make it all pay

Man has to struggle all the live long day

Man keeps on moving because he can' t keep still

Man has to set his goals and climb up the hill

Man sees the mountains and the deep blue sky

Man has to struggle till the day that he die

Man by his nature's never satisfied

Man has to keep on going way beyond his will

Man has to keep on being because there's nothing else

And man just always has to go for himself...
- uploaded by neloqua on 9 Oct 06, 3.53PM MYT.

Laziesss and zenzelments... it is with great pride and honor that I bring to you...

"March 2008; the month of 'Men'..."

... katanya yer? Hiks!

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Dan semua sets ade kat dalam Collection Akak ini, hanyalah di Flickr Akak yer - click link to proceed to my profile kat


Click on this image to proceed straight to Akaknye collection of breathtaking men...Hiks!!!

Macam macam ado; men of sports, models, celebrities, others - hiks! Semuanye ado... jgn 'merembes' eh?!?!?! :)

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Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Ha Fie... MEREMBES la tu!? Hahahahaha
abah said...  
Kencangnye mengupdateeee..sekencang kudaku lari gagah berani! *motif tema kuda?? Haiyoo teetiibee
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Biasalah Abah... time2 tgh ZOMBI nih, elok2 la digunakan untuk sessi update mengupdates nih! LOL! Nanti mai sessi MALAS again, tak ke HAUS namanye!? LOL!

PS: MOTIF KUDA!? Feeling2 nak naik kuda la tu! OPS!

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