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Words, don't come easy
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Beatiful words, existing in our everyday lives; and we though beauty comes in the form of a girl/ woman, scenery, in photos, pictures and all, colors of wonderful shades, and others aside from words.

Well today, since I have nothing much to blog about (actually, ade, cume, since the 'mood' is not there, so I might as well do entry yang lenglain, like apparently this one! Hiks!) so I thought of sharing a few one or two quotes/ notions which I believe contains beauuutiful words; along with its message well-delivered, also oh-so-beautifully...

There are no strangers
surrounding us,
living amongst us,
in this world...

Because those whom we call strangers,
are actually friends we have yet to meet...
Beautiful ain't it? To think of the quote carefully, I guess it's very true, indeed! Those we initially call 'strangers', when we know them - hah, they're no longer 'strangers', but friends.

BUT, there's also this saying which goes something like... "Don't speak to strangers..." often reminded by older peeps to their young ones; question, so if we don't speak to strangers (reasons, mainly, since we don't know them, they might end up being a bad person, yes?), then how on earth are we suppose to know them and then later turn 'em into friends? Hurmmmm... care to share to thoughts about this?

Now here's another one...
Think positive!!!

And say this to yourself every morning;

"Today is going to be a great day!
I can handle more than I think I can!
By worrying about them, things would not get better anyway!
I can be satisfied so long as I try to do my best!"
Inspiring isn't it? Bet it works well when you say it to yourself, every morning, when you're in front of the dressing table looking at your own self in the mirror, yes? Hiks!

And here I have a few more words of notions/ quotes as to continue to this posting subject - "Beautiful Words".
Do you know why do we close our eyes...,
when we pray, when we cry, when we dream, when we kiss...
when we fantasize beautiful things???...

All because the most beautiful things in life
are unseen and can only be felt
by the heart...
Isn't that 'somethin' or what? I mean, gosh, I really respect to the origin, the creator of such beautiful notion!

But I doubt this next one would be of something good; technically speaking, I think these words/ phrases I'm about to say/ quote would encourage people to be procrastinators. But coming from Vivian Leigh, who was supporting the role of "Scarlet O'Hara" in "Gone With The Wind" (note that this next quote/ notion was Scarlet's favorite quote in the movie, mind you...), I guess it can be considered beautiful notions anyways! LOL! (PS: I might have just added some of my words/ stylo/ ways of saying to Miss Leigh's original quote - sorry! Can't recall the EXACT WORDS! Hiks!)

Why should I think about all these now?
Why get myself all worried and all today,
when I have TOMORROW?

I'll think and worry of all these matters tomorrow; besides, tomorrow's is just another day away...
Procrastinating is agreeable an action that should never be practiced in mankind; but, don't you just think that quote coming from the lovely actress, with her tone and all, ends up makin' it a beaaautiful quote? :)

Does anyone have any other beautiful words/ phrases/ notions/ quotes to share? Well - you know where to leave 'em if you have; COMMENT! :)

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