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Remember the time, back in January, yang Akak sebok2 ke Langkawi and all, busy sepanjang bulan, bersangkutan pautans dengan Langkawiii sajork, remember? (Mati la korang surely tak ingat, kans? LOL!)

That's ok! Tak ingat tak per. Tidak lah mengaper... Akak forgive you - tuuudiah! Hahahaha...

No seriously, nothing to forgive lah! Mrasalah mende dah 2 3 bulan lepas, salah sape? Akak juger, sebab tak updatekan kat korangs, kan? So nevermind, mrasa, Akak update skarangs, nah?

No no, bukan nak update kesah seminggu Akak ke Langkawi dengan C.A. buat keje utk group private itiew tu yer! Ini Akak just nak buat a short and brief update pasal yang ade one time, Akak stranded one night kat Langkawi (yang gi meeting, patutnye balik hari, alih2, ado? Yang spent one night *mati la 'One Night Only' kan? LOL!* kat Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort itiew, ingat? Ha... ingat? Hebats otak korangs! LOL!)

Dan update ini adalah berkisarkan... YES, MAKANAN lagi yer, specifically, BREAKFAST!

Sukerrr Abang buat waffles nih kan!? Abang, jgn lupe visit blog Akak k? Hiks!

Remember Akak always pesan kat semuer -


Kan? Eh wait, was it Akak or was it someone else yang gave Akak that lovely notion? Hurmmm...

Anyways... regardless la kan siapo yang cakap/ pesan bab breakfast being the most important meal of the day (hey wait! Bukan JANE FONDA kah? OPS!), yang pentingnye di sini Akak nak tunjukkan yang Akak, diet pi la kot mana pon, when it comes to BREAKFAST dan lebih2 lagi kalau breakfast itiew di HOTEL 5 BINTANG, hahaha, mrasalah, penting ke tidak, AKAK AKAN MELANTAK YER!!!

But berbalik kepada issue entry; lets - THE REVIEW...


REVIEW: Breakfast at a 5 star resort
HOTEL: Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort
LOCATION: Langkawi Island - Pantai Kok

I shall not be talking about the hotel in general just yet; instead, I shall be specifically talking about the restaurant - "THE FEAST".

SETTINGS: The setting was absolutely refreshing! Choose between having your breakfast in a cool and cozy-ly refreshing indoor settings, or if you would like to have a mooore refreshing environment, with the sound of birds singing its way into the morning sun that rises so beautifully across the morning breeze, feel free to have you breakfast at the outdoor open-deck. For patrons who smokes, outdoor/ outside settings would be appropriate - but who would wanna smoke in the morning over breakfast? OWH WAIT! Akak ler! Ops! Lalalala

Don't you just love it? The atmosphere of a great breakfast at a 5 star resort?
*Sigh-ing*... haiiihhh!!!...

MENU: Need not for me to continue babbling about the dishes/ breakfast menu served at "The Feast"; pictures taken I hope justifies it all. Serving '1001 sorts of breakfast dishes', from the fresh garden salads and sushi bar, to the pastries and freshly made waffles and pancakes, to freshly pealed, and squeezed fruit juices, to well cooked morning steaks, to choices of local favorites, "The Feast" certainly knows how to treat its '1001 types of customers', patrons and guests of the hotel...

Don't pray pray nahhh (I meant to say PLAY PLAY - duh!?);
they even have Sushi as one of the breakfast menu - AKAK SUKER!!!
*It reminds me of my dear Japinoy friend, Naokidoki - how are you doin' darling?

SERVICE: The staffs are ALL well-trained, friendly, and are all commendable for such great work, ensuring that Akak's day started off just splendidly, just... great! (AND NO, I was not paid to write ayat2 bodek2 membodek and all yer... mind you! Hiks! Although I don't mind another free night stay, yes? OPS!)

Meriah sekalsss breakfast scene disiniew, kans? Hiks!

Overall Akak can say - mrasalah cuba berbreakfast di sitiew yer; Akak pasti, semuanya Akak surely tersenyum lebar lepas breakfast time itiew. But make sure spend at least 1 1/2 hours kat sitiew, baru leh enjoy ALL the food! Kalau idak, isk isk isk, RUGI jer lah makan sikit2 and terus nak cha-alip-but (cabut! Hiks!).


1. Mula2 makan

2. silih ganti dengan isap2 rokok, smoking lite2

3. Then sambung makan

4. Then berphoto lite2 and all

5. Then sambung eating again, sampai lah perut korangs bonc bonc!!! HIKS!

And, THAT'S how you enjoy your breakfast at a 5 star resort; Can ah like that one?
Plus having said that, berbaloilah your stay, tak gittiew C.A.!??!?! Hiks!

Mrasalah to view other pics yang Akak sempat snappy2 dan dosi uploaded di Flickr; please click on the following linkies, nah? Hiks!:
Mrasa mrasa mrasa, nah? :)

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