The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa - The Review

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Somewhere dua tiga minggiew yang lepas (mati la entry tertunda bagai!!!), akak had the privilege occay untuk buatkan hotel/ site inspection di The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa occay! Sangat grandits ya. Initially, akak planned to bawak group yang ke Langkawi end of January hari tu ke hotel iniew. Tapi, al kaedahnye, no rezeki la kan, so decided ke Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort - tapi takpo. Dua dua hotel under Starwoods; mrasalah points akak still tetap bertambah. OPS!

Jadi kesahnye di siniew, akak nak buat general review hotel yang akak tak sempat nak menginap tapi sempat la akak buat hotel/ site visit katanya. Gerandsss! Thanks to "Z" & "K", staffs dari The Westin Langkawiew itiew, yang baik hati entertainkan akak yang hina lagi fofuler nih ha... ops!

Jadi, to my dearest friend "Z" dan "K", entry self-review-to-promo iniew, adalah untuk kamiew berdua... dan ingat! Akak nak claim my pay 1 night, free 3 nights stay - boleh? Akak nak One-Bedroom Villa k, siap dengan butler anak ikan yang melerts ok! Mati la akak korang humbankan ke staff quaters, kan? Kekekekekeke...

And so... I bring you...

MAAF yer, Akak dinch dapat Westin Langkawi punye Gif. Advert. Mrasalah yang Akak ado hanyalah Westin KL. Alah u ols. Sama jer. Click situ sana sini, satgi sampai jugak ke Langkawi... kan? Hiks! Maaf nahhh En. K dan En. Z!!! Hiks!

The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa - The Review...

DISCLAIMER: Photos in this particular entry are meant for promotional use only. Photos are a combination of personal collection, as well as from The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa's website - click HERE to proceed to the site.

General overview...
Generally I would have describe the hotel as one of the greatest heaven's made possible on earth! Truly I'd have to say that, it is undoubtedly one of Langkawi's great resort property. Situated just 5 minutes from Kuah Jetty, the hotel which used to be Sheraton Perdana Langkawi, has certainly opened up my eyes as I arrived there. As they called themselves the heavenly retreat, aiyoh! Akak cannot argue and deny about that! So true ok! SO so true! The 5-star deluxe resort is just like 3 km's away, like less than what, 10 minutes away from the town of Kuah, Langkawi's business district. And from the Langkawi International Airport, its like, hmmm... 20 minutes transfer/ ride to the resort - how far can heaven be la kan these days? ;)

Although, personally, I would have to say that, despite being the first, and only Westin branded resort in Malaysia, still, The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa's just tiny setback would be the location itself. Like most of any other 5-star hotels and resorts on the island are situated around the area of Cenang, Pantai Kok, Pantai Tengah and etc., The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa is the only 5-star resort to be in the other side of the world, setting it apart from the rest. BUT, rest assured, that, THAT shall not stop me from babbling all the goodies and wonderfullies stuffies about the resort that certainly has invited me for some free stays sometime somewhere in the future soon, yes? Maaati la akak lagi yer!!! Kali nih korang nak humban akak ke mana pulak dah tatau? 5-bedroom villa??? Lalalala...

The accommodations... in general
After its near USD20 million remodeling work in the year 2006, The Westin Langkawi now ado tastefully decorated rooms, suites, villas, all for you to indulge with luxury and comfy; provided you pay la kan; unlike moi, can claim free stay, yes? (DIE LA MOTHER AGAIN!!!). A total of 222 well-appointed guest rooms and suites, with 20 lavishly decorated villas, which all embraces magnifique beach/ garden views, I must say that the accommodations at The Westin Langkawi will prolly get you NOT GOING OUT from your rooms! Hiks! Like, hello, will you consider leaving your rooms which generally includes the following services:

  • Heavenly bed® (Berape belas RIBU RIBAN USD ok - bukan MYR ok! USD! Our dearest Pak Lah antara the 1st customer yang belik katil iniew ok? Senoroks lah Mak Jeanne, ek? Ops!)
  • Heavenly rainshower/ bath®
  • High- speed broadband internet connection/ access (chargeable of course - ko gila nak free?!)
  • Individual climate control (kan ko dah boleh feels² Goddess play control climate!)
  • In-room electronic safe
  • 42" plasma TV with satellite channels, DVD player & surround sound system (inih ko tak nangis, gile!??!?)

Dining... in general
As I could recall, The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa has four dining spots throughout the property:

  • Taste
  • Breeze
  • Tide
  • Splash
To read more on MICE (bukan tetikus yer! Choyyy!!! MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions yer!), social affairs, recreations and others, in generally full details that is, logon to or simply click here nah?

Because for now, I shall be telling you guys more pasal my personal hotel/ site inspection yang telah diselenggarakan oleh Encik "K" personally ok, and then later, joined by Encik "Z" - sunggoh sesuatuh sangat ber ENCIK² here there, kan? Hehehe - well, what to do. Prolly that could earn me a free stay - lalalala! Die la me if the GM reads this entry! YA AMPUN SIR!!!

My hotel/ site inspection/ visit - The Review shall be in the form of photos (mati la pemalas!). Photos were taken oleh akak sendiri yer, sewaktu sessi site inspection itiew yang telah dikemudikan oleh Encik "K", staff from The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa. Photos yang akak snappy² itiew telah kuabadikan dalam my Flickr. Photos and the short review can be viewed dalam set set berikut:And before we proceed to my Flickr, good for you lots to know that The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa baru² iniew telah memenangi
  • The Best Luxury Resort of the year - Hospitality Asia Platinum Award for the year 2007/2008 (Excellent Establishment Award)
  • The Best New Resort Spa for "Heavenly Spa®" - Malaysia Spa and Wellness Award for the year 2007
Not bad aihhh for a new resort in Langkawi Island, to win such grandits awards. Clust! Bila wanna share the joy with akak, by letting me pay for 1 night and free 3 nights stay tatau? I could be rajin and write more about your hotel!!! Mati la akak kali nih GM depa sendiri yang humban akak ke dalam hutan! Hua hua hua!!!

And before we end the review entry here, and proceed to my Flickr, mrasalah view this promotional video clip taken from the Promo-CD yang akak took from the hotel. Well, bukanlah took as in took without permission nah! Apa ko pikir akak punye keje, sariap je!? Choy! This one, akak DAPAT so akak Took lah! Hiks!



The Video

If the video is still unavailable, please check again from time to time, as Akak just uploaded the video to Youtube tu ha - prolly will take some time to be 'online' katanye yer...

And akak took the liberty to convert from VOB format to AVI format dan uploadkan ke my Youtube account yer. Ha, ko pikir keje senang nak buat review entry nih? Nampak cam ala - biase² jer, copy cut paste bagai; but the truth is, HELLO!? PENAT JUGER OK! So I vanttts my free stays! (NOTE: StayS yer not STAY - meaning 2 nights and above! HAIYOH! Me run first nah!!! Runnn!!!)

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The Villiger said...  
*wideeeeeeeee grrriinnnsss* Nice~!!!
then... start planning.. and checking hubby's account.. ermph.. and *grrriinnn* again...
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Kan? Akak pulak tunggu dapat invitation dari GM for pay 1 night free 3 nights stay kat 5 bedroom villa. Mati kah mak? Lalalalala!
CLEO said...  
noq ko tak cek kat laci2 dorang ke? hahahaha
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
CLEO: Tu aku dah bergambar2 bagai amek tu - dah selak2 selok2 la laci depa. Tapi tak la semua laci! Kang orang kata aku FETISH LACI pulaK! Mati lah main gesel2 kat bucu laci yer? Hahahaha
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
TODAY - 18MAR2008; Akak dosi updated entry iniew dengan menambahkan codings utk video kat YouTube yang Akak dosi uploaded hari itiew... mrasa mrasa mrasa! :)

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