Long Days - Langkawi - LACI? (Drawers)?

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Avery long day (or should I say long days since it was two days instead of just one? Hurmmm...) on the Island of Mahsuri, Langkawi. Well technically I was supposed to be there for just one day. But then, the next thing I could recall was, yes, I was there for two days! And yes, I was busy since Tuesday early morning up till last night. God! And I bet it'll get even busier from today up till end of the month; YES - am POSITIVELY SURE!

Katanya patutnye just sehari sajork akak di Pulau Lagenda Mahsuriew, Langkawi - Tuesday jer patutnye, just to hadiri a few meetings and stuffs. Alih² sampai ke semalam, and sampai ke hujung bulan nih la gamaknye akak dah nampak diri akak terkinja² kehulu kehilir busy; CONFIRM busylah sampai end of the month!

I'm sure most of you readers would like wondering - Posting title: "Long Days - Langkawi - Laci? (Drawers)" - wtfudge? Well, read this entry bit by bit, you'll know that everything is related to one another... okies?

Ramai mesti cam kekonfusan (maafkan akak, akak tak berniat-maksud nak konfiusedkan adek2 yang sediakala dah konfiused dan sesat! OPS!) with the entry's title itiew, kan? Tak per - tak per - bace jer terus entry nih, akak pasti nanti hampa pakat paham semuenye. Hehehehe...
Eh eh, hang on a sec. If I'm not mistaken, I think I told you guys my readers that starting for the previous entry, all of my entries would be somewhat like this, correct?


Noticed the second paragraph of my entry is like an English version of the 1st opening para of the entry? *Grins* Starting today, I will try to accommodate EVERYONE who is reading my blog by combining the old and the new me, the old style and the new style of blog writing, and I hope it works for everyone and everyone would appreciate my extra effort - die lah double the time, but nevermind, so long as everyone's happy... I will start writing my postings in my usual style and then for the next para, I will accommodate those international readers or those local readers who tends to have problems with my lingo and stylo by coming up with an English para just after the para of my usual style of writing... And the English para for internationally and readers who prefers to read my postings in English, the para shall be erm, hmmmm... different from the usual stylo of writing - noticed that as well? (The whole para shall be written in grey colored fonts) Heheh good! Now continue me shall, yes?

Lets just say there are times its the new way of posting first then the old way, I guess. I know, like today, I started off with the English para then only the ol' crazy way of posting stylo; anyways also can, right? So long as everyone understands my postings, right? Or should I just write the whole entry in my ol' mixed stylo first, then only translate 'em into English at the end of the entry? Hurm... Aiyoh! This is definitely not a big issue for me to whine and fuss about, yes? Aiyoyoyoh!!!
Anyways, regarding my busy 2 days in Langkawi Island.

Akak ade bannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyak stories nak diciterkan pada adek² sekalian yer; like, haaa... mula la nih, akak nak buat perangai lama. Akak mula la nak buat perancangan entry bagai itu ini tapi satgi, tuptaptuptap, hagham!!! Satu pun akak tak buat pung! LOL!:

Yes peeps, only two days on the island, I've got like tons and gazillion trillion stories to tell - all very exciting and what not (but lets just pray I do have the time to so sooooooon!) Hiks!:

  • My 1-day meeting experience dengan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat bahagian Orang Kurang Upaya Langkawi (My 1 day meeting experience with The Langkawi Community Welfare Department)
  • My 2 days stay in Langkawi which includes my 'business with pleasure' session at Langkawi Sheraton Beach Resort and at The Westin Langkawi... geranddd!!!!!! Hiks!
  • HOTEL REVIEW - The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa (THIS ONE akak tahu ramai yang menanti² ternanti² entry nih yer!) - complete with detailed info about this wonderful hotel plus views from my N93i camera lenses katanya yer, my personal collection during the hotel/ site inspection!
But, nevermind all that for now - sebab, most importantlynye sekarang nih ialah soklan cepuk-mas yang akan ado kat bawah nih after you click ... Read more on this entry! link! Hiks! Yang lain² yang telah disebutkan itiew, sila nantikan kepulangan akak dari KL piuler yer. Aiyoh! Kan akak dah cakap, akak confirm busy sampai end of the month, and PROLLY, sampai after CNY! Sentip lah!

But whats most importante now would be the question you will see right after you click the ... Read more on this entry! link! Hiks! The rest of the other 'future-coming-soon-to-be' entries I've just mentioned just now, lets just iggy ignore for a momento, at least until I'm back from KL. Gosh! Told you I'm gonna be very pretty busy up till end of the month; and prolly up till CNY (Chinese New Year)! ARGH!!!

And the question, is... ;)
Apakah yer, perbezaan ketara dan utama, diantara, laci, di - Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort dan dengan laci di The Westin Langkawi yer?

What's the difference between the drawer inside the guest rooms at Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort, and also The Westin Langkawi Resort and Spa...?
DISCLAIMER: Entry nih bukan nak porak perandakan these two lovely, wonderful competing hotels in Langkawi yer, mind you ols nah! Akak tak der niat nak sentapkan mana² pihak - akak nak buat entry nih nak kasik korang² semua buka minda, celikkan mata, yer, dan bagi tujuan entertainingkan u ols blog readers akak yang setia. Kang kata akak dah idak ade 'the touch' dah, kan? So, mrasa!

DISCLAIMER in English: Please be advised that this entry regarding the 'drawers' of both very competitive, luxury and comforting hotels in Langkawi, has nothing to do with the act of sabotage or what not. This entry is mainly about letting the world know the difference between the drawers, plus to let you lots my fellow blog readers know that I still know what it takes, I have what it takes, and I'll do whatever it takes to show that I still have 'THE TOUCH' in my blog! Hiks!

Well - so, apa bezenye, laci di Sheraton dengan laci di Westin? Mrasa lah - cepat! Apa agak²nye perbezaannye yer? Nevermind, akak biar adik² semua pondan, EH! Ponder. Pondan pulak. Kesian Ginger tersedak kang akak dok sebut pondan pondan pondan, kan? Hahahahahaha!

So what do you guys think of the differences (well, actually, its just one, not many - do I'll rephrase that into "What do you think the difference between..." Ha... much better, yes?) the drawer inside the guest rooms in Sheraton, and the ones at The Westin Langkawi? Hurmmm... quick quick!

THE LACI (Le Drawer)... Apakah? (WHAT!!?!?!?) Apakah bezanye, laci di Sheraton dan laci di Westin? For crying out loud, dua dua STILL LACI, kan? (So what is the difference between the drawers at Sheraton and in The Westin? For goodness sake, like, both of it still drawers, yes?)...

Jawapannye, dalam entry seterusnya... mati la akaka!!!

And the answer is - erm... die la sister! Die la me! Because the answer would be in the next entry! NOW, lets RUN!!! Hehehehe...

PS: Shall be updating more soon; for now, gotta go and pack and catch my flight at 1520 AOR/KUL shortly... duiyenst and hello wello KL here I ols come back!!!

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Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  

in terms of function, the drawer in hotel A and B is the same. To store things etc.

So the difference would be of that, Drawer A and Drawer B is in DIFFERENT LOCATIONS... tudiah.. jawapan skima... BLEY?! hik hik

Or there is another connotation or smtg semiotic about it? haih.. i speku it had to do smtg with the STEAK FOR BREAKFAST thingy?? hehehe die la sistah!!
aishwarya rai said...  
puks sangat, sentap membaca cerita2 tergantung nieh
Anonymous said...  
One stores a condom the other a bible?
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Aiyoh! Anonymous - CLOSE enuff! :)
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Aishwarya: Teruskan kesentapan mus nah? Hahahaha
kucai said...  
beza dia salah satu ada lemang tersembunyi kaahhh? ahahhahahaha eppy belated new year u ollss (keji kan dah nak masuk bulan 2 pong haa)
apek said...  
satu bible, satu Al-Quran?
apek said...  
satu Bibile, satu Al-Quran?
-ctz- said...  
ahkak! me dengan cerita sambong-sambong nih me sentapS lah! tak ske tak ske taw!
sambung kaih! tidak aku penggai "tuttt"!
-ctz- said...  
issshhh bukan aku dah post komen ka tadik? huhu~ saja laaaa! dah la entry pun ado to be continue.. :P
-ctz- said...  
approve kaih la ahkak!

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