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5a.m. - only a few hours ago akak set my eyes to sleep ok, and tau tau BOOM BANG GEDEBOOM!!! Akak dah terjaga dah! Sentips lah! Jage pulak bukan yang dengan cara normal ok, ala ala Cinderella bangun tido dikejutkan nyanyian burung² dan sitikus² comel occay! Ini bangun ala ala kes 'tersentak', 'tersentap', 'terkujat' - SENTIP LAH! Kalau terjaga cara camnih, and got this bloody cute guy next to me me-welcome-kan akak bangun pepagi buto secara mengejut, idok lah mengape juger, yer? At least there's something to look forward to! Ini, idok, dah terbangun jaga, all yang akak dapat, tgk siling, tak pun, tgk dinding, idok pun, kalau bangun dan tgk ke kanan siket, nampak la cermin yang indah tayangkan muka akak yang au natural beauty macam sial berlines lines kehidupan di bawah dan tepi mata dan mutiara² chanteks di depan mata - CHOIST!

So it is just 5 a.m. - and my eyes were rested to sleep just few hours ago; BOOM! Am up! Not waking up in the usual Cinderella manner, like all chirpy with birds and Gus and Jack the mice singing along welcoming the new day. It's like one of those wake ups like... "Owh shit! Am I late?" or like "Fudge! That dream! URGH!" or etc., you get me? Even if I had to wake up so sudden and so, erm, violently un-morningly-harmonious like this, if I get to have this gorgeous creature called man with stubs and great smile (plus breath) next to me and say "Morning hun..." - then, its a totally different story. In my case, its like waking up to see the ceiling, or the walls, or if I were to stretch a bit, I'll see a lovely au natural face with life lines and also pearls all over her glowing eyes - AS IF!

Noticed the second paragraph of my entry is like an English version of the 1st opening para of the entry? *Grins* Starting today, I will try to accommodate EVERYONE who is reading my blog by combining the old and the new me, the old style and the new style of blog writing, and I hope it works for everyone and everyone would appreciate my extra effort - die lah double the time, but nevermind, so long as everyone's happy... I will start writing my postings in my usual style and then for the next para, I will accommodate those international readers or those local readers who tends to have problems with my lingo and stylo by coming up with an English para just after the para of my usual style of writing... And the English para for internationally and readers who prefers to read my postings in English, the para shall be erm, hmmmm... different from the usual stylo of writing - noticed that as well? (The whole para shall be written in grey colored fonts) Heheh good! Now continue me shall, yes?
So, apo kes dengan mimpi pulak, kan? Well - citenye lagu nih la kan. Bukan sehari dua, but akak rasa, since dalam bulan December tahun lepas, and MAKIN menjadi² yer dalam bulan January 2008 nih - akak selalu terjaga dari tido dengan cara mengejut camni. Bukan sbb orang called my hp, bukan sebab ade orang melalak memekik kat luar kamar akak asking akak to get up or anything, nothing of that sort - yang mengejut mengujatkan akak, these DREAMS!!! And mind you, TEMA mimpi semuanya adalah SAMA yer temanya, bukannye tema sama. Ala ala SAME THEME DIFFERENT DREAMS sajor - Akak Whitney, Akak Deborah Cox, jgn marah deknon tukaq tajuk lagu hit hampa noh... hiks! But its true ok. Akak like, mimpikan bende yang sama walaupun maybe scene scene yang berbeza namun pada landasan tema yang sama - and bukan sekali dua, BANYAK KALI YER! Tell me, tak scarry ke!?

So whats with these problems getting up all so sudden every now and then, due to 'dreams'? Its like, you'd prolly think this doesn't happen all the time, but trust me! It is sooo happening like one tooooo many times ok! Like initially it all started for a few times back in December, but as we're heading towards the end of January 2008, I believe that this waking up so dramatically sudden based on the same bloody dream-theme, it's starting to scare me up! Why you may ask? Well, don't you think it's rather funny/ strange/ weird that I kept on dreaming the same dream, with different scenes, but still, under the same scope of theme. Its like, SAME THEME DIFFERENT SCENES/ DREAMS kindda thingy.

Arghhh!!! (Errr I don't think I need this one translated in English, yes? LOL!)

So ada apa dengan mimpi itiew? Mimpi apakah yang telah berjaya menjanakan akak membuat such entry eh!? *Pose pose garu² dagu sambil isap rokok pertama for the day - akak dah pening! LOL!

So whats with the dreams? What sort of dreams thats so strong that it enables me to come up with such entry? Hurmmm...
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It's 'THE AIRLINE' dreams lah apanye lagi! Aiyoh! Akak sentap lah! CONSTANTLY ok akak mimpi macam²! Naik gila ok! That's why kadang² akak refused to sleep! Asik² mimpi yang sama, asik² mimpi kes dok dalam cabin flight! Asik² mimpi late for flight! Asik² tema AIRLINE jer! Ape nih!? Adakah ia membawa-beri makna sesuatuhhh kepada akak? Ala ala ALAMATS la gitiew... signs... hurmmm... and NO, akak bukan seek terjamahan mimpi yer, thank you very nice. Well, maybe not directly akak nak mintak terjemahan, mungkin indirectly tapi wouldn't you agree yang semua ini ade kaitan dengan azam dan semangat tahun baru akak nak soar back up high in the air? Eh wait, akak tak buat pun entry Azam Tahun Bariew, kan? Hahaha mati la kantoikan diri sendiri! LOL!

It's 'THE AIRLINE' dreams thats whats bugging! Every now and then that I sleep, I always have these 'airliners' dreams - waking up late for flight, seeing myself working like mad dogs on board in the cabin and stuffs - airline airline airline!!! What's wrong with moi!? All these dreams, are they sort of like signs of me wanting to be in the airlines again, so bad, that its actually affecting my dreams? Hurmmm... is it like because of my New Year Resolution of being back up in the air, soaring mighty high as the Boeing 747-400 or Airbus A380, back as a flight attendant serving "Tea, coffee, or ME?"...? Hurm... I am still wondering...

ATAUPUN, erm, this one, mati la akak! Adakah all these bad (well, tak la semuenye bad, kan?) dreams of me being back in the airlines industry disebabkan oleh ketidaksempurnaan ketidurans akan disebabkan oleh DIET!?

Or, hmmm... am having all these dreams, because of my unnatural way of DIET!? Failed to get sufficient amount of sleep due to heavy dietary causing all these dreams to come to me?
SYDNEY: The 'hard-core' diet regime may give people bad dreams, a new study suggests, putting another nail in the coffin of the already ailing diet fad.

“Even though people sleep better while on the certain diet routines, there are unwanted side effects,” Chin Moi Chow, a sleep researcher at the University of Sydney, told the annual conference of the Australasian Sleep Association in Perth recently. “These symptoms include: a slow start to the day, being tired or sleepy during the day, irritability, craving sugar, difficulty with concentration and making decisions.” - by Christina Zanowic on news about 'Diet causes bad dreams'
So ok mungkin diets can get ppl to suffer bad dreams - tapi like akak cakap before, tak semua mimpi tu bad. Infact, akak tak anggap pun mimpi² itiew semuanya bad - cuma, why the constant mimpi of the same theme sajork yang menjadi persoalannye... hurmmm... and kalau gitu, asal in 2006 when akak gila² bersengkang mata for my hard-cord-die-fast diet for Miss World 2006 pageant tu, akak tak pulak mimpi pasal airlines nih, eh? Hurmmm - so mungkin, its not the diet - then, APAKAH!?

SO ok prolly diets can lead to bad dreams; but like I said, the dreams aren't at all bad - its just, CONSTANT dream of the same theme! Airlines! And it couldn't have been because of diets; or else, why didn't I have these dreams back in 2006 when I was performing my hard-core-die-fast diet routine as prep for my Miss World 2006 pageant? Tell me, owh tell me why? Hurmmm... so it couldn't have been the diets that caused all these dreams, right? And for goodness sake, am not on diet anymore, so then, tell me, explain to me, WHY THESE DREAMS KEEPS ON COMING INTO MY erm... hmmm... MY SLEEP!? *Sigh*

Ok so prolly I didn't get up from my sleep all sweaty and all like this - but my heart pounded like, aiyoh! Akak lost count ok brapa jantung akak berdegup per-seconds!

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john said...  
Thank you for the English translation!!
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
You're welcome John. Hope you will not have any problems understanding my postings... :)

So any ideas what do all these dreams means??? ;)
Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  
u r thinking about it too much, prolly thats the problem, thing is mende ni at the back of ur head, and only seeps into the realm of ur sleep.

As for me, dreams does not have to connote or mean anything, its just a dream. Wallahualam.
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
5thE: Well, true, prolly sebab I think about it too much and am pretty determined about it sangat2 kot. But the thing is kan, ha, akak like, kalau tak pikir pun, still terbawak2 inside my dreams, how lar? Fongkiused larrr
-ctz- said...  
Me plak jantung berdegup kencang sekencang kencangnya tengok gambaq hat 1st tuh.. FUH!!!!

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