She's only human you know...

Now what happens when the reigning beauty queen (now turned EX! Yer, mak sedar! Hiks!) gets thirsty sewaktu buat collection derma for World's Aids Day during the recent Miss World 2007 pageant?

Well - SHE DRINKS la kan, obviously! LOL!

So I was thirsty, salah ke I ols curi² minum sikit while doing my charity duty itiew? But yang cannot tahan one, as I was curik² minums airs, time² tu jer la the spotlight curik² suluh right on my face - sial sangat! Hahahahaha matilamak mak sker!

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Pengusaha Cowbra said...  
hey there,lea.

bloghopping from isis's blog :)

huh ! abes bersuluh muke you eyh. hihik !

take care,dear ;)
darling8tabby said...  
hehe..comel je..dan2 time nak minum spotlight suluh..very der kan..hehe

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