I bring you... Miss World 2007 Pageant...

As promised katanya kan - an entry about the recent Miss World 2007 pageant where I finally crowned my successor to continue the effort to show to the world the existence of beauties with brains and with a purpose - and that covers not just to the real women beauty queens (at times I'd have to say, yang menang the real Miss World pageant pong nan ado quality-nye like the recent Miss World 2007, Miss China? Harrrtuiiihhh! Ops!)

This time around, I will be doing these entries like I normally do; ala ala from A to Z I suppose; only this time around, it won't be having so much details as the previous journey ("The Road To Miss World 2006" - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4). This time around, it'll be somewhat, short, precise, kalau ade long winded tu, maaf kan jer la yer; old habits are very hard to get rid off, kan? Hiks! And prolly if got parts pon, it won't be that banyak la kot. Why? Well, for one thing, this year bukannye mak compete pun so why bother sangat. Ops!

And that also would refer to the fact that I shall not be giving out details about the troubles I had to go through in order to get myself there at the pageant; which includes designers buat hal dengan my dresses, the weight issues and stuffs; aiyoh! Lets not even go there. It will only get myself more upset thinking about it let alone ber-entry bagai about it. Especially part diet tak menjadi tu. Urgh! Tension. So I'll skip about that yer... :)

Actually, to tell you the truth, am not quite sure how to begin this entry; macam, what to write eh? Hurmmm... prolly I should tell u ols how it was just for that night, kan? Nuthing much nak diceritakan pun about the time nak pergi for the pageant - it was like nuthing much to tell pon. So yeah, prolly I'll just tell you lots about the night I ended my reign as Miss World 2006.

But of course, before I go on telling u ols about the rather short entry about how I ended my reign, I would like to share with you ols the following videos I ols just upload kat my Youtube katanye; bersesuaian dengan tajuk entry, maka... saksikan lah... hiks!

Opening parade/ Reigning Queen's red carpet catwalk

Opening show/ Preview of all 30 delegates competing for the night

Lepas nih mak sambiung lagiks nah, more about the pageant malam itiew yer... But for now, since mak dah kekeringan ideas, so, mrasa - lets EAT!

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Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  
:) Visuals. I always say, tells a thousand words. cuma manusia je tak reti appreciate visual itu.


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