Life with unfair love; or Love with unfair life?

Life can never be fair, right? Or is it LOVE can never be rightly fair? Whatever it is, I think, either way, the main agenda here is UNFAIR! It's no wonder some people don't, or should I say, refuse to believe that there is such thing as "Happily ever after" - right? Well, do YOU believe in such phrase? Well I know now (after a few occasions now), I don't. I used to believe it; even if I have to make believe about it, still, I would dream of such thing to be true...

It's like so unfair; like, when you think you've got something good to hold on to, or someone so ever nice to be and spend your life with, then all of a sudden, within a split second - it's gone, he's gone too. And what bothers me the most is that we would be (I'm not so certain sure about the rest, but I would...) wondering about what have we done wrong to be getting all these?

But in this case I suppose, it would be...
What haven't I done to keep things go right, to keep him by my side, to keep things going just the way I want it to be...?
And I am still wondering... *sigh*... "Hurm... could that biggest loser be me? Lalala..."

"It MIGHT just be me... and not life, not love, and certainly sure not him..." *Sigh sigh sigh!!!*

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
I blame "envy", its the cause of all unfairness in life. I blame "Lucifer", for he is the root to all our misery in love and life!!!! Blame him, ah it is so nice to blame the Devil...

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