It's that "So Long Goodbye Hello Welcome" time of the year again...

Certainly the year 2007 brought so many fond memories to me and I am most definitely going to say a word or two, trying my level best to describe the year that actually, brought significant resemblance to the year 2006; more ups, ups and ups rather than downs. (Speaking of significant - I recall that I need to say this again; YES, the opening photo on the right side of this posting has no significant meaning or has anything to do with this entry ya... its just how you say, 'a pretty little pic just to make the entry prettier? Hahaha die la I don't know where that came from!)

If you could recall, I ended the year 2006 with such great memories that I know will last centuries, in fact, if I may say so, memories that will last till the day I die with that big smile on my face. Indeed, 2006's joy and happiness also prolonged till the end of this magnifique year of 2007.

As I reign the title of Miss World 2006 (De Royal's Collection + MyPageantHouse Organization), I remembered telling everyone that I will enjoy life to the fullest and that means keeping my tummy to the fullest as well! OPS! And the best part of all, I was telling all these stories of me want to travel around the world and visit the poor and underprivileged people, meet 1001 different people, different races, smiles - continents, countries, you name it, and to my surprise, all that came true. Well of course, I have to thank the nature of my job, but if only I could explain how the traveling and being the reigning queen, both connected,... gosh, am so like lost for words. But I believe people who knows me understands what am trying to say. It's like I thought I just made it up, make-believe out of the job role as a title holder, by traveling the world, doing charity visits and stuffs - and then the next thing I know, I was on the flight traveling here and there due to the nature of my job and then, the VERY next thing I noticed - "Hey, I'm actually traveling during my reign! Isn't this exciting!?! Make believe like its like the real thing, yes?"

A year ago... I sat there gettin' the crown. A year later, I was on the stage again; only this time, I was up there to give the crown to someone else... what a moment! Liberating experience of 2007! :)

All I'm trying to say here is that my 2007 was filled with loads of traveling, details like to Cairo and Alexandria in February, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in Mac, May and June I was in Jeddah, Medina and Macca, July to Thailand, August/ September to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou China - wow, just wished that all that could go on and on and on. And if anyone were to speculate that am enjoying those traveling freely 'goyang kaki goyangt p*ki' then you're wrong missy (or mister - that is. Hiks!) I worked my a** off for getting those people to travel; whatever amount they pay, where they go, services that my company provides and etc., hey, that's like a serious business talk. My business is my work and working is part of my life - so lets not even go there, to where once I was called, "The Blood S*cking Leach!"... Eww... that was one of those times when I was down during 2007. Be called that for the nature of my job, how depressing. Anyways, moving on...

Aside from traveling due to my work, I enjoyed several occasions traveling for fun with friends and occasionally alone; and I think that's what lacks in my life - a time to enjoy and relax myself. And of course, during those 'holidays', I got the chance of enjoying a photoshoot session under the bright flashes of Tukang Taip's camera, posing like this and like that (entry will be edited with photos - later; am rushing! Die la got one more entry to prepare!), attended a colorful wedding ceremony and had the opportunity to be the night's emcee (owh, it was my cousin's wedding... hiks!), and, erm, owh yes, attending gatherings and meet ups with friends from forums, Myspace and stuff; gawd, it was such a great time going through all that. Wish I could go back in time and start the year again without having to change anything. But of course we all know that's a bit impossible, right...

Sessi photoshoot bersama Avang TeeTee... hiks! Thanks Abang TT for the great shots!

The colorful and wonderful year - Thanks 2007!; Errr... motif? Should this caption be pengakhir-ayat entry iniew? Alah... apa lah sangat... hiks!

But most importantly, I believe that 2007 went so well for my work life, social (and drag of course) life (except for the 'hampir hampir kena tangkap Jabatan Agama' case ler of course...), family, friends and all. And what better way to end the year with the great move from my Blogdrive account to here, Owh owh and I also lupa nak bilang, the part where I officially ended my reign as the title holder for Miss World 2006. But I guess I've already like told you guys about that couple of weeks ago, so this one I'll just skip... for now! LOL!

The point here is that with all the many activities I've had, travelings , visiting here and there, work and stuff, really buatkan 2007 bergerak pantas; its like, feels just like only yesterday 01.01.2007 bermula... now dahhh pun coming to its end... tsk tsk tsk! Amazing kan? Time flies when you're really tied up and stuff...

For now, that should be just about it. Why am I not mentioning about the downs that much? HELLO!? We're saying goodbye to 2007 and welcoming 2008 - motif you want to bersedih sad sad and all!? Hiks. Owh well, maybe when I come back later (die la I'll skip the 01.01.2008 entry! LOL!) I'll just edit a bit this entry (memang perlu edit pun sebab I need to include photos and stuffs to make the entry pretty! OPS!), and I would prolly touch a bit on the down part of the year, plus some other things which I did not get the chance to do so now (hahah itu la do entry last last minute sangat - ha, hamek! Padan muka! LOL!)

Anyways... well, my my - look at the time, another 10 minutes or so to a new year of 2008... I guess, I'll see you guys later in a bit, NEXT YEAR? YES? Hiks!

Happy New Year 2008 folks!!! :)

PS: Yes, I also did not mention about LOVE life, yes? Well - lets just say... "ABAIKAN JER LAH" that one for now... :)

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passerby-only just said...  
U looking better than last year. if i may comment u also looking splendidly better than ur successor. well done nd happy new year to u too! may 2008 bring u more victories than ever!

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