Step not down, but only aside...

In anticipation of my passing of the crown really really soon, I hereby would like to state the following:
I have enjoyed my reign, and therefore willingly release my crown to my successor to continue the tradition, of proving there is such a thing as beauty with brains.
And... while there have been debates about my physical state now, I have nothing to say but for the fact that even with the crown, I still am human and have flaws.

To quote a line once used in America's Next Top Model cycle 9 episode 10,
I have flaws,
but I make them beautiful... - Bianca

I hereby would like to state that any bitching about my current appearance, is gracefully accepted, being in my nature as a queen. Not just one with a crown, unlike many others who bitch about me, but one who has proven time and time again, I have deserved it.

And I now, step not down, but only aside, for the coming queen, as I prepare to place the crown on her head of synthetic hair worth MYR70 from Jenny L&G in Pandan Jaya (Anyone wants the full address? Office number? Mobile? Mrasa, e-mail me nah? Ops!), I would like to remind everyone, that a queen, is just that. And jealous subjects, can say anything they want, but only dream of being me...

Yang penting, mak juger lerrr yang ado crown dalam koleksi yang tidak dibeli sendiri yer. And we're not talking about just satu crown jer yer... it's actually, SALAH SATU out of the many yer. Hiks! Ko ado? Nan ado katanya! Mati la nanti mak diklasifikasikan sebagai "Miss Tak Layak" yang "Kekwat", kans? Hiks!

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
BEWARE all BIATCHES!!! Any bitching/slapstick comments about LKY's appearence will have to deal with me!!! Becoz no matter how she looked like.... she is still LKY who owns the crown without membeli utk diri sendiri di Semua House kat MJ ok ops!!! (Matilamak) Anyway mak tetap tak mampu beli crown utk gigi sebab rega crown tuh RM7K!!!! LKY pun tak dicrown gigi tau, unless you've got the gergaji type of gigiew (matila haku)

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