Begin the countdown timer, now...

Ladies, and gentlemen, ... today, will be the day. Yes peeps, it will be the day of all days since calender was invented... erm, eh, wait, calender was invented due to date or day factor ek? Owh nevermind. That's not the whole point here...

The whole point here, yang me try to deliver in this yet another short and simple entry, would be...

December 1st, 2007... the timer will start its countdown.

Yes, its all about countdowns for the month of December. But this countdown is no ordinary countdown, no sir, na ah. And the timer itself is not just like any other timers you can get out there in the real world, nope. This one is rather different, I'd prefer calling it special, because the timer has been set for a few different countdowns, hences the reason why I don't have pictures of the timer I'm talking about to be attached to this entry. Sorry... Hiks!

So, this so called one of a kind timer will begin (well, actually it has already begun just a few seconds or perhaps few minutes ago...) for the following countdowns (and the background music will be played at this instant; hit it! *Ok, if you can imagine about the timer, lets add up your imaginations a bit - imagine the song! Hehe. What song? "It's The Final Countdown..." Geeez, of all the music??! Stinkipu!)

1. Countdown for the new Miss World (YES, I'm talking about the real one, ops!!!). Who shall be crowned as the new title holder for the title of Miss World 2007? We'll find out about that soon enough later tonight (within this 24 hour that its) when the pageant is aired live from the host city, Sanya, China (China? 3rd year in a row? There? I mean, here, Sanya? Hmmmm China?). And let us not forget, that this year, we are very lucky to have a very stunning, beautiful, intelligent and with a good personality and charm to represent our country as Miss Malaysia to the pageant. Yes, I'm talking about Deborah Henry, Miss Malaysia 2007; will she make us all proud tonight? After 57 years of the pageant, will she be the 1st Miss Malaysia/ World to proudly by bring back the prestigious Miss World crown? Another 1st Malaysian for us all? We'll find out, soon enough. And could the critics be true this time around? As heard, she is actually among the critic's "Eyes on Favorite To Win" list? Well, whatever it is, I'm sure she'll DO her best instead of just "Ok lor, I will going try lahhh", right? :) Owh, and I almost forgot; will Lina Tey-Oh (its actually Teoh, but pronounced by Ronan Keating as TEY-OHH, ew!?) remains as the only Miss Malaysia to be in the top 3 list (Miss World 1998, Lina Teoh - Miss Malaysia, 2nd Runner-up; after Miss Israel and Miss France as Miss World 1998 winner and 1st Runner-up, respectively). Or will Deborah breaks the record? We'll find out soon enough!

2. Countdown for the end of the year 2007; which welcomes us to 2008; and that's like just so not gonna be happenin' in another 30 days from now; I might as well just state countdown to Xmas?... Hiks! NEXT and FINAL COUNTDOWN PLEASE!!!


3. Countdown for a marvelous session, filled with extravaganza and spectacular sensation, with out of this world moments of fine and non-fine dining (got eh such thing as non-fine dining? Hmmm...); a dining like no other dining, a dining ladies and gentlemen, like there's no tomorrow...

Yes... it's all true, and I shall be the lucky person to be able to taste all those wonderful dishes, cuisines and all - here there and everywhere. And not just for the sake of tasting the scrumptious meals, but also to enjoy myself up to 2 or 3 helpings... hiks! LETS! And this celebration of great feast shall be, erm, ah yes, with IMMEDIATE effect, AFTER I have successfully end my duty officially and have passed on the duties to my successor! Yes, IMMEDIATELY! It's like, I like!!! :)

"Kak Ara! Lekas! Boh nasi lemak utk 2 orang makan, letak daging rendang 3 ketul... erm, eh... make that 4! And kuah pedas and timun yer! Ikan bilis, tannak! Pastu kan, bungkuskan kite 5 bungkus, menu yang samo also ya Kak Ara!!! Cepat la Kak Ara, bawak nasi tu dulu, air kemudian. Lapar first, then dahaga"...

... And THAT is just only the beginning, like, HELLO!? Ever heard of "THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG, BEBEH!" Yeah babeh yeahhh - lets eat!

YEHHH!!! *clap clap hand* And this last countdown ladies and gentlemen, babies and elephants (Ops, sorry, I was referring to myself when I said 'elephants' - ops!) the one which we have finished talking about, will mark its end time at erm, hmmm... apparently at... erm, hmmm... let me see, approximately, hmmm... roughly... erm... hurmmmm... haiyoh! Owh for crying out loud I don't know, give and take, erm, shall we see and say soon?! All I can see now is the beef rendang... hiks!

PS a.k.a Disclaimer: Content of this entry have been tempered by the evil Devil. Bad... bad... tsk tsk tsk. It is the devil that wants all to be deceived and see me as this evil plotter... tsk tsk tsk... I won't be that selfish (well, I could if I want to but I guess I won't have to do that... you see, I erm, personally don't fancy fish, sorry... LOL!) Ok now, NEXT!? Eat somemore? ;)

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passerby-only just said...  
devil = u? harharharh nice one

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