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So it was China ROC who took the crown and title of Miss World 2007, which ended just now quite frustrating... why, what was so frustrating about the end of the show? THE RESULTS lar silly! How very 'I smell something fishy' kind of situation... just look at her final 5 answer; urgh! I shall write about this Miss World 2007 Sanya, China issue, later. Owh, that poor Miss Malaysia of ours... Deborah Henry was so meant for the final 5 cut from the top 15 semifinalist... damn the results! Screw Julia Morley! Beauty with a purpose, hahhh! Ops, ok ok. Later, I shall continue. Yes, later... but how could they do this!? Just because China will be the host for the 2008 Olympics, it doesn't mean The Miss World 2007 title should be simply given to them! I mean, common' lar peeps - no smelling fishy ah? And for crying out loud, noticed how Miss P.R.of China answered her final q during the final 5 cut!? It was a pathetic answer, moreover it was filled with R replacing L and L replacing the R, and not to mention her URM ERR HURM MMM ERR... nah, I don't think it was a fair decision. I don't think there was anything to decide at all in the first place. It's a scam and it's bloody obvious - Imagine, the crown, now on the head of the practically very so obviously undeniably undeserving winner who'd probably still practicing, e.g. "No, solly ar errr I can-nort, erm, urm, tarking in, Yinglish. Speak errr rittre rittre rittrebit onry ah, shieh shieh" - ew!!!!! Wtf!?! Wow... amazing!!! Hello? Am I the only one seeing her future now? Miss China ROC 2007, is Miss World 2007, ready to be at the Olympic Beijing 2008, greeting all sportsmen and sportswomen from all over the world - the connection, see?!?!?!

Am not fussing mussing here because China won and our Deb didn't make it into the final cut. It's not that. It's just, well, simply put - if it was a well deserving victory, it's ok. I guess I'll just bitch about why the screw is the fudge didn't our beautiful Miss Deborah Henry of Malaysia not into the final 5 cut. But this? This is beyond outrages! I felt like, urgh!!! Serving the world with charity, love, kindness, treating each human being equal and giving people of the world what best for them, and what they deserve... treating deserving people fairly my butt! Eric Morley could be screaming down there and saying, "What's wrong with you Julia!?! Owh, I know, MONEY!". Poor the late Mr. Eric, the strict, stern yet caring and loving, the late Eric Morley. Urgh! If I could just... urghhh!!!!

Eh, erm, ooooowwwwwcay, I think that went far enough don't you think so? Hehehe... Ok ok, I promise, more about Miss World 2007 pageant in Sanya, China (YES, the real one lar, hello!? Concentrate! Hiks!) after this short message entry...

Today, the 2nd of December, as I get closer to reach the end of my journey, I feel that its among my last few duties to say a few words as somewhat a message to all... errr - who? Sorry? I heard someone said, to all who? The contestants? Miss World 2007 contestants? You mean to all those beautiful, multi talented girls coming from all over the world, from all walks of life, representing their respective countries around the world, having to compete together and have the chance of a lifetime to make their ultimate dream comes true, making it a reality (just like I did... hiks!), and above all, grabbing the title of Miss World 2007? Right... (Ehhh... Ops! Now I think I've just made this part called "Summary of Post; Click to read post in full" sounded a bit too, erm, too, full? Detailed?! It's already like the entry itself, without having to use the Summary of Post feature. Darn. Urgh!!! Why can't I do everything just right, urgh! See! I can't do this ok! I can't manage to do a short entry; just had to be 3000 words and above... *sigh* Great! Urgh!!! *$#*^#!*&@^!((@^!~ <- I'm cursing myself if you are even wondering... hiks! OK, enough with this 2nd distraction also. We move on, yes? Ok, fine, lets continue - I'll continue straight to the point, promise.

When I said 'RIGHT' just now (just before I realized how lost and totally feeding the details of the entry in full...) I was actually referring that 'RIGHT' to -> "YES, you've guessed it wrong! Congratulations! What's wrong with you!" Hiks! I will eventually be doing the usual queenly-bye-bye speech with all those good luck wishes and prolly give a few pointers to the newbies and etc, yeah, of course I'd do that, but not in this entry. Saving that one later.

For now, what I was really trying to say, this message entry anyways, actually I really wanted to say this message to all my friends, close contacts and what not - yes, I'm referring to the food and desserts and all, which are waiting for me... Hehehe... Told them (mind you, the food and all) that after I've completed performing all that is required of me, I'd coming around and instead of just looking for them, I might as well indulge 'em. It has been a while you know... LOL!

"Hang in there guys!!! Mak datang nanti! Get ready!"...

Hiks. And then, yes, you guys heard about the fat/ diet stapler whatever nonsense which was in the newspaper, yesterday or somethin'? Well for me, it was something new, and I was very excited to find out about this stapler for dieting purposes, stapling fats, and getting you back in shape? Owh my, it sounded fun, right? Come; lets check how this new stapler looks like... :)

What a lovely blue stapler; though it is kind of a normal stapler, yes? Next...

Ahhh yes, no. This is not something new; it might just be of a different design but still, doing what does best - stapling papers! Hiks!. Ok now, next?

Owh, what a lovely dog-stapler. Huh!? You don't suppose it staples the poor ol' dogs' mouth? If it does, I'm sure our V Captain HooKsie would love to have one, yes? You have found a new device to kill more dogs... Congratulations, wishing you all the best of luck! Now, moving on...

Ahhhhhhh! Is this the one? Yes... yes... it is... owh, it is not. It's just yet another one of those Ridgid R150FSA Stapler. No, this is not the one... But, what's this, up next, the final pix!!! Come!...

Bingo! So this is now the fat a.k.a stomach/ tummy stapler looks like. I doubt it'll fit just about any shelf, hmmm... I wonder... (showing signs of interests... hmmm...)

But believe me - seriously and honestly, try searching at Googles.com; do an image search that is, and type in diet stapler - see anything interesting? Bruuuwwwekkk... *pengsan*

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
Mak memang spekiu dari awal rancangan lagi China akan menang!! Well obviously money speaks louder then her brains!!! What a bimbo!!!! Mak lagi canteques dari dia!!!!
katraya cikcuka said...  
patutnya hantar deborah henry tahun depan bukan tahun nie..koz tahun niee..kalo aishwarya masookk ponn konfirm takkan masuk top 5. koz why??koz miss china mmg akan menanggg..so kena bagi top 5 tu yg huduh2..

obviously...miss world organization is desparate to win back audience and sponsorship aka MONEY. tru...olympic games 2008. koz why..PUBLISITIES MAAAAA... to gain more publisities for the miss world..tumpang the olympic 2008.

a GREAT decision by the miss world organization. but a thumbs down to the ogranization credibility!.yelahh kata nak lawan miss universe yg lagi meletup kan!!

tapi sad to say!! this year miss world paling sangkak and boring...quality production tahap RTM zaman 80an. tak happening langsung..looks OLD and draggy...!!tu belum cakap lampu tak cukup terang...

look at how donald trump organizer miss world! happening and meletup!!



sorry to say, miss china may got the body, the walk. but her confident level is way below par. she deserve to be no 2, or 3. to be fair to her. obviously mexico...malaysia..trinidad, angola..had better chance..

hmmmm sad to say...but hopefully the winning of miss china at miss world 2007 doesnt make miss malaysia organiser a quick summary that they must send chinese candidates ala2 andrea fonseka, gloria ting..clone etc2...only from now on!!
Anonymous said...  
andrea's blog is here ->

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