Hello and Goodbye; it's here again...

And so it looks like its that time where we say goodbye... to another month, November, and together we welcome December, 2007. My my, how time really flies...

It seems like only erm yesterday that I welcomed December 2006 as, ermmm, well, you know? Alar, ermmm, ish, you know I shouldn't be talking much about it since it's over, unofficially, right?...

Anyways, as I was saying, it feels like only yesterday I felt it was November 30th, 2006 - but after a reality check (Ouchhh! That hurts! *me pinching myself*), yeap, the last day of this month for this year, is almost up, and dawn of a new day and month approaches (Eh wait, shouldn't it be midnight/ early morning of a new day? Dawn is not till another 5 6 hours from now right? Owh well, just play along with me, hehehe!)

And with today being the last day of the month, welcoming the new day of a brand new final month of the year, we are approaching, another new destination... yes... a new year! Wow! Isn't this exciting!? Like just after midnight afterwards, we will be 30 days (if you don't count tomorrow that its) before we say goodbye to yesterday and hello sunshine of 2008 (my my, how we are a little bit extra ahead and advance this year... ok ok, reality time check again, OUCH!); ok, lets slow down a bit, I've always been known with the "PAST TENSE" thingy, wonder why I'm being a bit "FUTURE TENSE" tonight,... hmmm... must have been those, erm, owh well.

Right... today, 30th November 2007 - or so it will be, for only another 5 to 10 minutes. Ah, yes, just the perfect timing; Anyways, in this entry, I just would like to say, in conjunction of us leaving November 2007, and venturing into December 2007... I, am very proud... to be the one saying this

Owh no, no... of course not. That wasn't it, of course not. What makes you think I made an entry, just for the sake of sayin', " ...Read More on this entry"? I think that'll be a bit, retarded don't you think? Hiks! What I actually wanted to say, was right after that.

One has to click that line should he or she want to know what I wanted to say, yes? (Tune of voice starts to warm up and getting slightly of a higher pitch...) And with that I mean, if not for clicking that link of expanding this entry, you won't even be reading this line, up till there, right? (Another pitch higher...) - Annnd lets not even think! of passing this line, IF YOU DON'T CLICK THE HYPERLINK, right?! So of course the phrase " ...Read More on this entry" wasn't what I had in my to be telling all of you about... (Suddenly, I feel the room which was filled with many many people, suddenly went silent, all standing still, doing nothing, looking stunned, at me and my 2 minute of fame for being the craziest person in the room... ahhh, thank you *curtsy*).

Right, sorry about that. Wasn't that great? All that planned hysterical act thing? Hiks. Ok, now. Where were we; ah yes, actually, hiks! what I actually, really wanted to say, ... was erm, hmmm... did you all know, that this time last year, I was somewhere on the face of this earth having a blast, a ball (no no, I wasn't referring to having 'the ball' ok!), enjoying the time of my life, doing what I like to do the most, and haven't been doing for the past few months before that as I was on a strict die-die diet. Yes, I was happily EAT! EAT and EATing last year time around! LOL! Yes, that's erm, hmmm, I believe that's just about all we have for today, good day.

Now, let's eat!

Erm... the room went silent again... ah yes, moral of the entry: LKY is an eater and is now eating!!! "Well, not actually now as in Now NOW, now refers to erm, JUST NOW! Hiks!"

"Ah, zoday, za dezzertza...!!! Andza, zomorrow, ZA WHOLE FRIDZA!!!"
(That's Fridge, in erm,.. eermmmm... hmmm... French by the way... "Excuse Me French" ok, not "Excuse My French" ya...)

"Ah, and zis oneza, shallz notz requiredza ani capturez..."

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
Well, all I can say right now is that I am extremely hungry and thank God I juz made my own hot fudge cake and tiramisu!!! Owh Iam juz so so so gonna indulge with my desserts NOW!!! In the middle of the night!!! LKY... you bad gurl... make me hungry!!! Anyway... mak tak sabar nak tengok u ols makan sepuas2nya lepas nih. Adakah ittiew tanda2 awal kiamat kecil? Betul ke apa yg mak ckp nih? Matilamak!!!
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Pantat sangats! Dinch la u ols. Mak just nak sedia sediakan diri bagi menyambut hari yang penuh gemilang dan bermakna itiew. Huh? Crowning MW07? Bukan lah! Thats not yang mek tunggu2kan. yang mak tunggu is AFTER the pageant! HAHAHAHA makan!!!!!

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