Who said anything about...

About?... Anything about being erm, how shall I put it delicately, erm, BIG? and cannot be happy at the same time be successful? Well apparently Andicat managed to prove that we can be whatever we want to be, and be HAPPY and successful!

Why skinny people suffer from Fat Phobia; And why the former model, beauty queen turned fat...

* She sold more advertising space.
* She got to sit on her competitors.
* They couldn't clone her so she became larger than life.
* She saved a fortune on a boob enlargement job.
* Her opinion of critics? She can get thinner. They get uglier.

I like the last two lines - hahah! She is, funny... hiks!

Found this article somewhere, erm, eh! Wait a sec! Did I accidentally found this article, or someone sort of like passed the link to me? Owh well, not that it's important or anything. Besides, this is just another of those you know, entries to pass the time by. But I was actually thinking, about how funny the write up was, that I felt like I should share this with my readers. I personally believe that the write up is very inspiring and it takes the issue discussed to another level and helps one facing reality to this situation, be happy about it, happy about life and having fun going through lives with 1001 experiences.

The other 20 reasons why she got fat... hiks!

1. It was a career move. (Fatcat's are mafia friendly)
2. She got to sit on her competitors.
3. They couldn't clone her so she became larger than life.
4. She sold more advertising space.
5. She saved a fortune on a boob enlargement job.
6. She gave up Kentucky fried chicken cos it reminded her of her spotty skinny people's legs.
7. She got quality freebies from the Marketing dept of Industrial strength bed springs and has earned "quite a reputation due to her bedroom eyes and bouncy personality.
8. There's more of her.
9. She's got taste cos she exercises her taste buds more often.
10. She has morals..she never judges a man by the size of his wallet, just his pantry.
11. Her latest achievement? She won the hunger strike!
12. She doesn't want to contribute to the world's starvation problem
13. She doesn't mean to belittle men. heh heh!
14. She's "Large" like they say in UK.(a comedian)
15. She's waiting for a slimmer of the year contract, bidding starts now.
16. She does her own marketing and PR as she eats the budget.
17. She's campaigning for bigger mansions, bigger cars and bigger....
18. She can get thinner (peer pressure denotes she can't milk this trend forever..pun intended)
19. Designers have their work cut out. She's their best customer
20. Her opinion of critics? She can get thinner. They get uglier.
21. She models for British Aerospace...there's no room in the dressing room for other models.
22. She's exclusively sexy. Unique, charming and adorable (oops own PR)
23. She has been accused of narcissism. Can she have cream with that?
24. She doesn't give a toss what anybody thinks of her. Right on Andicat! Bigger is Better.
25. Next year she's campaigning for skinnies, now where's that Slimming contract? Hello???!

Isn't Fatcat... eh, Andicat fabulous!? Owh speaking and fabulous, a little divine question... for those of you who have problems accepting who and what they truly are...

Are you beautiful? Oh yes honey, you, are you beautiful and fabulous despite having extra baggage? :) Come on, tell me, are u? Because right now, I am telling you this...,

"Fat or thin, big or small,
worship that body of yours because
it's the only one body you've got!"

- Quoted from the movie, Connie and Carla...

And honey, tell those who don't like you just the way you are, erm, or were, erm... , anyways, just mmm... tell them to... errr... hmm... owh let them be and go make yourself happy! Hiks!

Some advice! LOL! I think I should read more of this entry, Drizella, yes? Hiks!

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
Motif terdelete komen mak? Mak pun dah lupa mak komen apa...Anyway... mak gumbira sebab u ols berfikiran sangat positive sekarang so keep it up gurl... And mak dah tengok kat webbie haritu tak gimuk pun?
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
What webbie lar? Ke C2C? Ahhhhhhhrrrrhhhhh nganga mulut... Arrrrhhaaaahhhhhhhghhh
CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
choist perluke ko nganga mulut... sat... mak pancutkan cili sauce boley? yes I was talking about the c2c...duh!!

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