Beautiful - Have I said something beautifully wrong?

Yesterday, I read somewhere, somewhat something like this...
God! Please make me beautiful! I'm so sad being ugly like this! I want to be a beautiful girl! Please! Make me beautiful, dear God! I want to be beautiful, pretty, adored and loved - please God! I really need your help!!!
And I only have this to reply... (No, am not acting as God - just thought of commenting the read, that's all...)

God is Great - He made everyone, everybody equally beautiful but in their own special ways. Instead of praying or seeking for it, try and let people and nature to seek the beauty in you; because beauty I believe is something that comes out from within. And if only you're smart enough to know, that self- confidence is more vital to survive compared to just being plain pretty, then, by all means - you are already BEAUTIFUL!!! So why bother to pray that hard asking what you already have, right? Think about it... I'm sure you're smart AND beautiful, inside AND outside...
Terus orang yang kuarkan the initial statement cum praying wishes tu sentip! Have I said something wrong? Adakah dia bodoh, dan hodoh (serta mudhah dihadham) inside AND outside also? Mati la mak!

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YAZrIE said...  
Motif org tu SENTIP???hahahahahaha...keikhlasan uols itiew telah disalahertikan..hahahahah

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