Masih ada yang tidak tahu... katanya... walaupun... Hiks!

It has come to Akak's attention yer, yang masih ado yang belom ketahuan yang Akak dosi kepindahan from ke - haiyoh, hampa baca blog ka, buat perangai 'SCANNING THROUGH' sajork sampai missed out that detail? Hiks!

Tapa tapa... belom terlewat ya Sayangku donia. Mrasa lah ke untuk mendapatkan hapdets terkini yer... mrasa mrasa. And with this, Akak akan cabut (tudiah - cabut katanya... hehehe) buang Cbox from my blog kat Blogger itiew dan mentenkan di - ada pa pa soalans kah??? ;) Nan-ado? Good - now lets meet the spooky, wahai spantats! OPS! Die la u 5thE! LOL!

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Anonymous said... looked really familiar to me..then i realized u were my senior at mrsm bp.hated that place, always got bullied by the senior boys..but it was good to get out of pj and meet new ppl havent been there since i left..can't say i miss the place....anyways..good luck to you.

- A. Hamzah -
Anonymous said...  
LL..Ive stopped coming here coz your site looks messy..tqvm..BTW can you look into your stat visitors..declining thats for sure.
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
A. Hamzah: thanks for the comment. Do visit if ade anymore comments ke ape ke yer coz this site is no longer active...

And to 'Anonymous': Messy? Errr which site are we talking about here? Are u referring to THIS Or are we talking about my Messy? Well... erm, which part? PS: Of course this blog's visitors stats will go down since there's nothing much left in here to begin with... LOL!
Anonymous said...  
salam mek..
i nk tmpg tnya..u tau sape2 nk pakai anak ikan x?
i igt nak wat part time..
klu ada info pls do reply me @
umar_skyscooter said...  
Hai,how r u?erm ur blog is good,em please visit n enjoy my new blog at ,ok terima kasih, n bye

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