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Life - what is it? How would you define it? Does this seem like a strange question to you? Well, let's think about it. If you had to explain to someone what "life" is, what would you tell them? There is no universal definition of life; only thing that's available to ponder would be the variety of definitions given to the word life, and some of them were proposed by scientists - and to them, to finally give that once and for all definition of life is still a challenge up till this very minute. But that's not the issue; what is then? I personally can't think of WHAT life is, but I do know whats IN life, and that is life is full of challenges.

One of the biggest challenges in life is by far facin' 'em, that's for sure. But if you limit yourself to think that the worse is all about JUST facing the challenges, then, what about the 'whatever happens after you've faced the challenges'? The aftermaths, maybe? Well, whichever definition you want to give, or whatever happens afterwards, one thing still remains for sure in my humble opinion - and that is, life, as simple at certain times, most of the times can be complicated, is full of difficult challenges, decision makings, and etc.

Up to this point, we clearly know that life can never be easy; it can, but never TOO easy for everyone. It might, but just by luck and not everyone gets the luck they've been wishing for. This posting of mine is not here to discuss about the complications in life - nor it is here rather to discuss the consequences of all challenges in life. Because we already do know that life is full of tough choices, risks one must take 'to make a simple turn at a junction', and etc.

What's on my mind to discuss would be about chances we get to go through all these. I've heard people saying throughout my life on various occasions,
We only get one chance in life...

or things like,

You've been given the second chance to redeem yourself but again, you failed...

or perhaps

There's always a second chance if we fail this time around...
Would that be fair to do so, I mean, suggesting limits to deal with all sorts of life's complications? It's like, there are only two chances; first chance and the second chance, which acts as the final chance to meet to all expectations in life. Would that be all? No, "Third Chance"?

*Youtube Video included

According to Miss Kansas's answer, second chances are very 'situational'. If second chances are granted to those who wants to change their lives to be somewhat a better one, whatever happens IF they failed again; but only this time, the failure is not a s bad as it was before - would they be given the third chance to make themselves worthy for their lives, or will it mark as 'The End'? Probably once a failure, second is on a passing mark - third will be the ultimate victory?

All I'm inquiring would be - yes, there are those who gets to meet and deal with life's unpredictable challenges in life using their given second chances; but, can they try again on their third attempt? Or should we LIMIT the chances one gets in his or her life to just two? Only second chances?

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passerby-regular said...  
1st time - a wild guess
2nd time - a second chance
3rd time - always a lucky one
4th time - shud be able to hit bullseye
5th time - may you try more if u do not success!
for me chances should not be limited, only to some ppl like beauty queen said in video. but everyday is a lerning process so chances must be given reghardless how many times. itsjust that 1st chance is always easy to get but other chances onwards u gotta prove u deserve it

cheerup girl its only a week after new year.
Naokidoki said...  
Most Japanese quote the sayings of our own,"Even Buddha" they say "It is up to 3 times even Buddha can forgive you." And this is applied in our society for many decades specially among businessmen.
"Your boss is kind. But this time you can only go so far."
(The original meaning of the saying 300 years ago was..."You will get tired of looking at any Buddha however they are beautifully made if you look at ones for 3 times." To say that you get tired of your beautiful wife within 3 days but you'll get used to the ugly wife of yours in 3 days.)
Jati said...  
Our life dance in a cycle, stay in the cycle if you longing for an answers. Follow your inner strength and it will guide you to communicate with your soul.
Try to stay faithful to the images that you will learn in the cycle.
Sometimes when telling stories, dreams and secrets come visible and in that knowledge become a fragrant of Life’s heart.

Good luck ok.....adusss i wish i can write someting yang funny dan tak serious sangat. tapi bila dipikir2 kalau lea asiklah ketawa kang nanti perut masuk angin.
Rush Murad said...  
I really love ur new look, i meant this blog.... it reflects calmness, intelligent and maturity. Salam Maal Hijrah 1429!

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