Then, 2006. Now, end of 2007? Tomorrow 2008 already?

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(Original entry posted: 31 Dec 2007; edited to post date: 29 Dec 2007)

As the clock now rolling, counting its way down to the final hour final minute final second of 2007 - lets take a loot at what one year has turned me into now; have I changed? And if so, is it a drastic one? Some say that it's a good thing to sit down and answer these questions; gives you some moments to think back of the differences about yourself, back then a year ago as compared to the current, present time. Of course, some might say, what is there to change in a year. True, but you could also be wrong...

What I have here in this entry truly came from my heart ya; I sat here in my room, in front of my pc, as I smoke my ciggy, I thought to myself - deeply, thoroughly... have I changed? From bad to good? From good to better? Or have I without realizing turned from excellent to a cheap skunk!? Whatever it is - I am still me. And let me remind you lots the readers that whatever that you're going to see/ read after clicking the READ MORE expanding-entry link, will not be one of those common, normal set of answers ya. Lets just say, the answers came spontaneously... ;)

So, from 31st December 2006 - up till now; how much have I changed? (PS: And YES! The photo included here in the entry, has got NOTHING to do with the entry, nor has it any significant meanings to this entry. AND NO! It is not there to show that I have changed from a woman to a man, OK! Hiks!)


A year ago: I was 27...
Presently: ...

Presenting the present 'Presently'...


A year ago:
I was 27...
Presently: Errr now dah 28yo; unlike SOME people yang apparently was born in 197x tapi prefers to remain 25 years old - (siapakah? This particular personal shall be known to public only as "G" yer - hahaha! Mati la anonymous lah sangat, right? LOL! G for Goddess? G for Gibeks? G for Gundiques? G for GARITS!? G for GURUN!? Ops ok ok I shall stop giving g-lues, I mean CLUES. LOL!), I follow the kitaran dan edaran usia dan waktu yer. I may look old, I MAYBE old, but at least am not denying the fact that I am normal (when it comes to age factor la kan... LOL!) and do not lead a denial lifestyle; mati la mak!


A year ago:
I wasn't attending any school a year back; as a matter of fact, I last attended one way back 10, 11 years ago? Aiyoh! I AM old. Gawd! LOL!
Presently: I'm attending "THE SCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL SARCASM AND FITNAHS - under the guidance of Goddess G and Mummy Zackzaly! LOL!


A year ago:
Aside from working for my travel agency company thingy, I was also actively working for the underprivileged children under the Miss World 2006 pageant organization - LOL! Yerrr lah tu.
Presently: As I no longer reign the title of Miss World 2006, I am now back active with my travel agent (active from HOME nah!) and also currently considering of getting involved with charity work whereby food shall not be let to waste - THE EATING ORGANIZATION! Hiks!


A year ago:
A year ago I was definitely not when I am now; I was in Penang getting ready to do the 2007 countdown celebration.
Presently: Presently? I am now in Alor Star, in my house, in my room, in front of my PC. Hiks!

Favorite hang out?

A year ago:
Homes for the poor and underprivileged children... aiyoh! Kuat berangan nih! Ass if!
Presently: I only HANG INside my room lately... these days...

Hair style?

A year ago:
HAHAHAHA! I used to have 4 5 types/ collections...
Presently: Now dosi kepam, kejung dan tidak bermutiew - die la you Jenny!

Regular crush?

A year ago:
I regularly crush the ice cubes!
Presently: I don't regularly crush ice cubes now; instead, I crush on desperate, medium-build, average looking, helplessly rich dumb fu*k who'd do anything for me and twist him around my small finger!


A year ago:
A year ago, I used to have a transparent tattoo on my forehead which reads - "HI. I'M MISS WORLD 2006"
Presently: Still having the transparent tattoo - but altered to "HI. I'M EX MISS WORLD 2006" - LOL!


A year ago:
Considered of having my ears pierced AGAIN.
Presently: Still considering what I considered last year - hahaha!


A year ago:
Happy with my Kenari and 'occasional-car'...
Presently: I car pull a lot these days! HAHA!

Worst fear?

A year ago:
Not being able to fulfill my 2007 wishes, goals...
Presently: Not being able to fulfill my 2008 wishes which is fulfilling my 2007, AND 2006 wishes, hopes, and dreams - HAHA!

Heart broken?

A year ago:
I didn't know I had one...
Presently: I KNOW now I have one...

Single/ Taken/ Married/ Divorced/ Bitter?

A year ago:
All the above? LOL!
Presently: All the above, with extra additional options in it such as ONS and LOOK ONLY, TOUCH CANNOT! Hahaha!

Appearance/ Style?

A year ago:
Had that 'beauty queen' look...
Presently: Having the 'HAS BEEN BEAUTY QUEEN' look - die la getting FAT and ROUND CHUBISM again! Hahaha!


A year ago:
Couldn't recall any time/ occasion where/ when I was actually turned into a date?
Presently: I am still not a date, yes? *DATE = KURMA? LALALA!

Financial status?

A year ago:
Presently: S*cks bigger than terrible!

Favorite past time?

A year ago:
Watching my 'One Moment In Time' and talking about it ENDLESSLY!
Presently: Eat - sleep - internet - eat - internet - eat - sleep... and the cycle keeps going on, and on, and on for God knows how long and till when... ;)

Celebrated new year?

A year ago:
Yes, as a matter of fact, it was a fabulous one, in Penang...
Presently: Do I really need to?


A year ago:
I used to have one, now I call him (HIM?) my ex-fling! LOL!
Presently: My latest pet died after diserang ULCER in his puny BRAIN and suffered jangkitan wabak CIRIT BIRIT di HEART nya... tsk tsk tsk. Pity, kan 5thE? You know how devastated I was malam tu, calling you and all, right? Tsk tsk tsk...


A year ago:
Owhhh kay, lets not even GO THERE!
Presently: I SAID, lets NOT!


A year ago:
I was 179cm...
Presently: I am now 177cm - EH!?

Favorite drink?

A year ago:
Orange Juice satu yer...
Presently: Orange Juice on the rocky rocks please - make it a double, squinch (Mati la squeeze + inch? HAHAHA!) some Vodka in it nah!

Favorite food?

A year ago:
I would have to say, a year back, whatever food that's available on the dining table; I just don't bother to even consider being picky...
Presently: Nowadays, I am still not picky - BUT I'D ASK FOR 2nd helping! LOL!
Interesting, yes? Feel free to tag yourself or somethin' and have the post reposted (after you've edited/ modify it with your own answers of course!) in your blog/ site... Because, like it makes much of a difference pun if I start to tag other friends/ bloggers and start turning this entry into a Meme entry - macam la semua nak comply to the instructions of a Meme/ Tagged entry pun, kan? So whoever nak buat, be my guest... ;)

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CapTaiN HooKeD said...  
Favorite food?

A year ago: I would have to say, a year back, whatever food that's available on the dining table; I just don't bother to even consider being picky...
Presently: Nowadays, I am still not picky - BUT I'D ASK FOR 2nd helping! LOL!

Presently: Nowadays, I am still not picky - BUT I'D AKS FOR DUROMINE

La la la la laaarrrriiii GINGER SAVE ME!!!
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Babi kan kau! Sial! Ko AWAS 20 January sampai 29 January, SIAP LA HIDUP KEHIDUPAN KAU! Haha

PS: But what you said tu macam betiewl la jugers - but can ask only la kan but dinch ado ok... sediew... dah la nak kena ban dah kan? Kejiest!
Fish of Pisces @ 5th_E said...  
Brilliant la.... suke lah entry ni.. die la gonna COPASTE kat blog i... HAHAHA.... self-tag entry katanya.. die die die....
Nurlea Laurielle said...  
Kan 5thE?! Its the simplest way I could think of to sum up bezanye mek tahun lepas dan hujung tahun iniew... hiks!

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