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A Blogger's Disclaimer
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Here is something that we as bloggers tend to abaikan at certain time; ada kalaunya, more than just a few occasions katanya yer. Hiks. Yes, jadi, mrasalah Akak akan sentuh more about the recently most talked about... erm, no... not competition lah! Hish. Asik asik competition, asik asik Miss... nih Akak nak citer about DISCLAIMER lah; the one that got most of us bloggers, and blog readers, talking about yadey yadey yadey. Eh wait, is this thing new or is just just new bagi blog Akak dan diriew Akak? Mati la outdated lagiew! LOL!

So anyways, outdated ke idak, noticed that I've placed a simple link to view the Disclaimer? Yes, it links to the original writer of the disclaimer's index Read Me page katanya. Why Akak tak just copy paste bagai and make it as my own entry? Addinch - that's a big NO NO yer. Unless ko feeling nak kena tempeleng dan maki hamun sebab pakai copy paste jer mendealah disclaimer mamat tu tulis penat2, then, itiew terpulang lah, kan? Hehe..

Anyways, am not here to talk about the content of the Disclaimer. Wanna know whats the content like? Like, the content of all content which includes simple, easy to understand words and sentences (with occasionally caruts lite2... suker, kan? Hehehe...) - semua tu, nak tahu? Ha, tak gherti2 nak click kat link yang Akak dah buat kat sidebar itiew? Ponat jer tau. Suker kan nak suruh me put another link here? Hiks! Owh very well!

A Blogger's Disclaimer; Must read, not to be missed!

A must read katanye, and not to be missed, kan? Hiks! Well, a disclaimer, coming from a blogger juger, and meant for bloggers and readers, so cool eh? Basically, what am trying to say here is that I'm still like, amazed with this issue regarding this disclaimer written by this blogger, person, by the name of Editrix? Yea, I know, am not too sure about that. But what I do know is that this Editrix of nih, did a very fine job with this disclaimer. And the fact that dia sudi nak share sharekan disclaimer panjang lebar tulisannye penat2 itiew with the rest of the bloggers who wishes to have such same disclaimers dalam blog meka, ish, something yang sangat, erm, sangat what eh? Sangat generous of him... eh, ke her? Ops!

Ok - now folks, this entry is not just to let you guys know about this disclaimer thingy which I've decided should also be in this blog (and NO! Bukan Akak malas yer, cuma tak der time. OPS!) And having said that, this disclaimer shall remain as a link kat sidebar tu, but the real detail yang Akak nak tuliskan pasal this Disclaimer is ... that semue mendealah2 ala ala formal bagai iniew, shall be included along with all those privacy, disclosure policies thingy which Akak have decided to include juger dalam blog nih. I guess, it's about time la kot, Akak includekan all these formal notes, remarks, disclaimers and stuffs, yes, and policies too, under one or two tabs, memeriahkan lagi bilangan tab tab kat atas tu. Hiks!

Apa apa pun la kan, Akak, selain dari nak habaq Akak dah linkkan the disclaimer index Read Me page tu from my bloggiew iniew, Akak jugak nak sarankan yang such disclaimer should be made, or taken as an exemplary as in contains every bit and details a blogger should convey to his or her readers, kan? Selain daripada itiew, this disclaimer, akak feel, like, its simple words coming out from a blogger, as remarks to be noted by fellow visiting bloggers and readers to this blog/ site.

And for such detailed disclaimer/ Read Me content, I must thank to Editrix at; and also not to forget, the disclaimer's ultimate site designer, Midge for coming out with such gorgeously written, easy to follow disclaimer and the thought of letting other to share/ link it, haiyoh! Murni sunggoh hampa nih. So for those yang beliumst linkky linkkykan disclaimer from a blogger to other bloggers and readers iniew, Akak sarankan, HA! Tak gherti2? Cepat2 kan ler linkky linkkykan... hiks! I know I've already did! Hiks!

Owh and PS: Just to let u lots know, kalau belom perasan, Akak dosi buat entries/ remarks about Disclosure Policy as well as Blogger - Terms of Service notes yang, erm, heheheh di copy2 pastekan katanya (except for the Disclosure Policy, Akak punye polisi itiew telah di GENERATED from the policy's official website yer the policy! Hiks! Mrasa click click click kat those hyperlinks itiew... hiks!)

Ha, dah tu, tunggu lagi? Start ber policies, privacies, generating, linking to disclaimers, read the Read Me content and all - mrasa!!! Akak punye dah selesei dah. Tinggai nak buat Privacy, Copyright and matters concerning Blogger's Legal Rights jer.

Dan, disamping itiew, Akak busy downloading, installing and updating blog Akak with latest widgets and stuffs, plus mengubahsueikan layout bloggiew Akak. Sker lah nih. Makes redesigning blog layouts such an easy tasks! I loike!!!

NOTE: Prasan dak Akak telah meng-backdated-kan entry iniew? Ahaks! Akak saje je... entry entry berunsurkan kesah2 disclaimer bagai, privacy and terms of services, bla bla bla nih, biarpun serious yer, tapi, alah, bukannye erm... ha... tudiah! I've run out of ALASANS! Hahahaha mati lah!

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